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This is a reminder to all XRAY customers and fans that all of the authentic and original XRAY optional parts for any XRAY car are listed chronologically on the Option pages. Each XRAY model has a dedicated page that lists all of the optional parts you can get to tune your car. When a new optional part is released, it will appear on the Options page as well. For more details, visit the Options pages for your car:

NT1 Option Parts

T2/T3 Option Parts

808 Option Parts

XT8 Option Parts

RX8 Option Parts

XII Option Parts

X10 Option Parts

Micro Option Parts

XRAY Team Wear

  Marek Černư wins European Championship 1/10 Electric Touring 2014 with his T4    
  Martin Wollanka reports on his 1/8 Off-Road European Vice-Champion Title win with XB8    
  NT1 Wins 1/10 IC 200mm EFRA European B Championship    
  Alexander Hagberg reports on his win at 1/12 European Championship 2014    
  XB4 Dominates EOS R3    
  T4 & X12 TQ and win 2014 ROAR Carpet Nationals    
  XRAY had won all three categories for the 2nd consecutive time!    
  T4 TQs & Wins 2014 Snowbird Nationals    
  Historic day for XRAY as we became the first team ever to win all three classes.    
  Martin Bayer reports on his win at European Championship    
  XRAY & Marek Cerny winners of ETS 2013 Season    
  The largest and most powerful set-up sheet database in the world..    
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