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Race report by Carlos Duraes
Round 1 of the Portuguese Nationals was held at Évora in southern Portugal, with about 80 drivers attending the race.

During qualifying rounds I made a lot of mistakes and finished 5th. We have tried a lot of different things on our set-up because the track is quite different from any others here in Portugal.

In my semi-final I drove much better and I won my semi-final and got the 3rd place in the A-main grid.

The start of the A-main was a bit bumpy and I made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of time. Even so, I managed to recover and keep 3rd place. Not a bad start for the season, but I’m sure we will keep working to improve, as usual…

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Top 10:
1. Miguel Matias
2. Ricardo Monteiro
3. Carlos Duraes / XRAY XB9
4. Rodrigo Luís
5. Joao Gomes
6. Nuno Rebelo – XRAY XB9
7. Joao Lopes
8. Joao Carlos Figueiredo
9. Nuno Casal Ribeiro
10. Fernando Almeida

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