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 Part number: # 300012
 Released: Nov. 28, 2007

Replaced by XRAY T2 009 US Foam-Spec 6-Cell Edition 

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For complete information about the XRAY T2'008 EU Rubber-Spec 6-cell edition please see the specifications and comparison of the XRAY T2'008 EU Rubber-Spec 5-cell edition.

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T2’008 US Foam-Spec Edition — Extra Features:
• US Foam-Spec Edition specially designed for foam tire racing conditions
• 3.5mm ultra-thick solid 6-cell chassis with milled area allow all parts to be mounted ultra-low
• Wide top deck mounted to chassis via aluminum standoffs provides wide, ultra-stable, solid platform
• New Extra-Hard foam-spec front and rear suspension arms – marked with “XH”
• New hard foam-spec steering blocks, C-hubs, and rear uprights
• New super-smooth adjustable composite front and rear ball-differentials with XRAY Labyrinth Dust Covers™
• Standard-length 50mm Hudy Spring Steel™ CVD drive shafts
• 34T front and rear diff pulleys / 20T center layshaft pulleys
• Light purple and white springs
• 116T 64P spur gear – extra-hard material, wobble-free design
• ROAR spec for both modified and stock racing

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