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(May 23): Tobias Sutrich confirmed at XRS Grand Final 2024
(May 23): XB8 and XB8E on podium at SOS GP, Denmark
(May 23): X1 double win at Pancar Masters, Switzerland
(May 23): X1 wins at BRCA F1 Nationals, UK
(May 22): XRAY Team Confirmed At European Championship 1/8 Nitro Buggy warm-up
(May 22): Bjarne Høllund confirmed at XRS Grand Final 2024
(May 22): X4 wins at Love Traction race, Italy
(May 22): XB8, XB8E and XT8E win at Estonian Championship, Round 1
(May 22): XB8 and XB8E win at North East Showdown in USA
(May 22): X4 double win at SPECIA1, Hongkong
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