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(Sep. 25): XRAY Support & Service At ENS R3, IT
(Sep. 25): XRS Slovakia 2023/2024 - Rules & Info
(Sep. 25): X4 wins at Portuguese Nationals Final Round.
(Sep. 25): XB8 on podium at ONG Trophy, Italy.
(Sep. 25): XB2 and XB4 win at West Hungary Round 1
(Sep. 22): XB8 wins at SOS GP, Denmark
(Sep. 22): X4 is 2023 British double National Champion
(Sep. 21): X4 and X1 win at MR Cup Final Round, Czech republic
(Sep. 21): X4 and X4F win at LUX Regional race in Luxembourg
(Sep. 21): X4 overall win at Czech Masters Series 2023
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