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(Sep. 23): X12'23 Online Now
(Sep. 23): Driving Technique work-shop by Alex Hagberg, UK
(Sep. 22): XRS Poland - 6h Race - Save The Date
(Sep. 22): XB8 and XB8E are 2022 Turkish Champions
(Sep. 22): X4 and NT1 win at Czech Masters Series Final Round
(Sep. 22): XB8 on podium at Italian Nationals Warmup Round 3
(Sep. 22): X1 is 2022 British National Champion
(Sep. 21): XB8 is 2022 Slovenian Junior Champion
(Sep. 21): XB4 overall wins at Oslo Club Series, Norway
(Sep. 21): XB8 and XB8E are 2022 Polish Champions
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