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(Jan. 26): Bruno Coelho X4'23 GP3F Winning Setup Sheet
(Jan. 26): XRAY Team Confirmed At 2023 Snowbirds Nationals, USA
(Jan. 25): Martin Bayer XB4'23 Czech Masters R3 Winning Setup Sheet
(Jan. 24): XB4 Wins at Czech Masters R3, CZ
(Jan. 24): Alexandre Duchet X4'23 GP3F Winning Setup Sheet
(Jan. 24): XB2 & SCX Win at Hungarian West RC Cup R3, HU
(Jan. 24): XB8 Wins at NitroPark Race, Italy
(Jan. 23): Jacques Libar X4F'23 GP3F Winning Setup Sheet
(Jan. 23): XB2 wins ay Hungarian West Cup Round 3
(Jan. 23): X4 and X4F win at GP3F, France
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