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(Aug. 07): New XB8 Composite Wing Holder for Frontward Wing Position
(Aug. 06): New XB2 Alu Front Roll-Center Holder for Anti-Roll Bar - Wide
(Jul. 27): New GTX8 Graphite 150CC Fuel Tank Guard
(Jul. 20): X1 win at Speed Challenge, Czech republic
(Jul. 20): X1 win at 6hour Le Mans Prototype race, France
(Jul. 20): T4 win at High Rollers race, USA
(Jul. 20): XB4 Wins at NRW Offroad Cup 4, Germany
(Jul. 20): XB8 and XB8E win at Czech Open Series
(Jul. 20): XB8E win at Electric Nord Cup, Germany
(Jul. 17): XB2 and XB4 win at MRCF Race, France
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