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(Oct. 20): Jan Ratheisky confirmed at XRS Slovenia R1
(Oct. 20): XB4 2018 downloadable files
(Oct. 20): New T4'18 Brass Motor Mount Plate
(Oct. 19): X12 wins at I. Mibosport Cup 2017/18 onroad part
(Oct. 19): New Shock Spring Progressive
(Oct. 18): XB2 and XB4 on podium at I. Mibosport Cup 2017/18 offroad part
(Oct. 18): XRAY dominates at CWIC XRS 2017/18 Round 1
(Oct. 18): T4 wins at FinTrack Tour
(Oct. 18): XB4 2018 Shipping Now
(Oct. 18): XRAY dominates at 2017 Roar Electric Onroad Regional
XRAY Column #79
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