Empowered with unbeatable performance...awarded with countless victories.
At the heart of XRAY's philosophy is a firm commitment to perfection when it comes to engineering, design, performance and support, all made possible by state-of-the-art in house manufacturing. The NT1 is synonymous with the absolute perfection that is XRAY: a platform that has been capturing trophies at tracks all around the world, and also capturing the hearts and minds of customers who demand nothing less than excellence.

Multiple winner of "Car of the Year" awards and dominating winner of all major titles - including World Champion, European Champion, USA Champion, Asian Champion and dozens of National champion titles all around the world - proves the NT1's unbeatable racing pedigree.

For the XRAY R&D team it has been a very demanding task to improve on the already almost perfect NT1. As with all the previous improvements the 2013 specs feature improvements based on the comments, input and feedback of the factory racing team as well from the customers all around the world. As part of our ongoing dedication to continuous product development, we are happy to introduce the new NT1, your logical choice.

Martin Hudy
XRAY NT1 Designer

Prestige. Elegance. Luxury.

Smooth flowing lines, distinctive design touches, all sculpted in lightweight platform – an expression of power, dramatic styling, superior technology, pure luxury and performance. With XRAY's uncompromising design philosophy bringing everything together to make the best nitro touring car, the NT1 has the unique XRAY character, born of precision craftsmanship, highest attention to detail, and using only the finest quality materials. For drivers with an irrepressible drive to win, the NT1 is the answer.

The ultimate expression of racing passion. The art of performance. NT1.

Winning heritage.

Since the release of the first XRAY NT1 nitro touring car, XRAY has been a driving force in the 1/10 nitro touring car racing scene. Continuous development and evolution of the XRAY product line has lead to ever-increasing performance. With countless wins in multiple classes at the local, regional, national and international levels, XRAY has become the standard by which touring cars are measured today. The craftsmanship, durability and performance of XRAY kits have become legendary.

All-new Low Profile (LP) Shocks.

NT1 shock absorbers were completely redesigned and re-engineered. The new LP shocks from NT1 are almost fully compatible with the T4 shocks except the aluminum shock body, shock shafts and springs have been modified for nitro touring use.

The new LP shocks were developed to lower the CG of the car in order to improve stability.
With the new LP shocks the NT1 stays flatter, making it easier to drive in chicanes and more resistant to traction roll, letting you carry more speed through high traction sweepers.
Shock rods have been specifically hardened to ensure long life and maximum strength.

To accommodate the all-new Low Profile (LP) shock absorbers, all-new pistons were designed and produced.
The set of pistons include 3 and 4 hole pistons with 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3mm diameter holes. The pistons are molded using special methods from Delrin material to ensure extreme roundness, while maintaining maximum stiffness and durability.
The new Low Profile (LP) shocks are 6mm shorter compared to the shocks on prior versions of the NT1.

The shock bodies are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and hardened to ensure maximum life.

The shocks consist of a shortened shock body but with a larger diameter to retain the same volume of oil as the previous, longer NT1 shocks.
Both front are rear shock absorbers have front and lower ball joints purposely left larger to provide a little of play for the shocks once mounted in order to generate more traction.

The threaded shock bodies enable quick & easy ride height adjustment. The shocks feature low profile membranes for super smooth and precise damping.

All-new Short Shock Springs (3S).

The all-new 3S springs have been specifically designed to complement the LP shocks and the rear springs are 4mm shorter than previous NT1 springs.

The NT1 comes equipped with C4.0 springs in the front to provide maximum stability and steering and C3.5 springs in the rear to provide maximum traction and cornering speed.

The front and rear springs now have the same length in order to get more in-corner steering and simplify your tuning parts selection.

The 3S springs, like all the other XRAY springs, are manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.
XRAY 3S SPRING-SET (2 pcs)    Front = Rear

All-new Shock Towers.

To maximize the effect of the new LP shocks, both front and rear shock towers were completely redesigned and lowered by 6mm in rear and 4mm in front to help move the CG as low as possible. Machined from premium-grade 3.0mm graphite, the shock towers are smaller, lighter, more compact and, after vigorous testing, have been race-tuned to increase on-power steering.

All-new Upper Bulkhead Clamps.

The new upper bulkhead clamps have been updated to feature an additional extended roll center position. As an addition to the standard roll center positions on the roll center bridge this extra position on the bulkhead can be used. The rear upper camber link position on the bulkhead clamp has been provided to increase stability and is suggested for use especially during very high-traction conditions or while using large diameter tires in order to help prevent traction roll. An optional #333131 ball joint must be used when using this additional roll center position.

All-new Front Wire Anti-Roll Bar.

Whether you race on small technical tracks or on large fast tracks you have a choice of the proper front anti-roll bar, both wire and blade style anti-roll bars are included.

Wire anti-roll bar

suggested for use at smaller but more technical tracks when the car needs to change direction and transfer weight quickly from side to side.

Blade anti-roll bar:

suggested for use at long very fast tracks when the car needs maximum corner speed. With the blade anti-roll bar the car will not dive as much in the corners and will maintain the maximum speed.

All-new Chassis.

The chassis was redesigned to enhance the performance in the corners. The chassis is more narrow to increase chassis flex and thus to generate more traction and steering. The narrow chassis also minimizes the contact with the track in corners and will eliminate the feel of the car ‘stopping‘ mid corner.

The lightweight chassis is CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and is strategically machined in low-stress areas to make it as light as possible without adversely affecting strength or rigidity. The area below the engine is machined so the engine sits lower to reduce the CG when using the optional engine Mount and flywheel. The outer edges of the chassis have been beveled and screw holes have been countersunk in order to provide a smooth lower surface. Provisions have been made to accommodate graphite reinforcing inserts or additional balancing weights, front and rear to tune chassis stiffness, balance and CG.

The area under the engine features air-flow cut-outs to allow extra airflow to cool the engine.

All-new Radio Plate.

The radio plate is now a part of the Multi-Flex setting and allows for very easy and effective flex adjustment. Bushings on the back of the radio plate allow it to be attached to the mounts either rigidly fixed or with an allowance for flex.

It is suggested to use the flex setting for low traction tracks as the softer car will generate more traction.

The fixed radio plate mounting is suggested for high traction conditions.

The muffler mounting system was redesigned as well. The muffler mounting is not attached to the radio plate anymore which eliminates the negative flex influence. Now the radio plate flexes more equally to both sides which improves consistency and, as it allows more flex in the front, also provides for more in-corner steering.

Reverse Clutch Set.

The new reverse clutch design provides smoother and faster acceleration, while increasing the lifetime of the clutch shoe.

Easily-adjustable 3-shoe XCA (XRAY Centrifugal-Axial) clutch features clutchbell, clutch nut, flywheel nut and thrust bearing collar made from exclusive HUDY Spring Steel™; hard coated flywheel, clutch disc and spring cup made from premium Swiss 7075 T6.

Lightweight Drive Train.

To improve efficiency, the NT1 features the lightweight transmission parts which have reduced weight but still sufficient strength to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels. The acceleration and super smooth work of the drive train is a distinctive advantage of the car.
The lightweight drive train parts included:
• Lightweight Front Middle Shaft - HUDY Spring Steel™
• Lightweight Diff. Outdrive Adapter - HUDY Spring Steel™
• Lightweight Diff. Outdrive Adapter Long - HUDY Spring Steel™

Muffler Mounting.

The muffler mounting system is all new. The new aluminum muffler holder is mounted to the left bulkhead. The new extra long muffler wire fits all the standard mufflers.

Front Bulkheads.

The front bulkheads were updated to accommodate the new front wire anti-roll bar system as well the new muffler mounting system.

Front Lower Arm.

The front lower suspension arm was updated and modified to mount the new front wire anti-roll bar.

Foam Bumper.

The front foam bumper was updated and modified to accommodate the new front wire anti-roll bar.

Rear Dogbone
Drive Shafts.

The rear drive train features dogbone drive shafts which help to generate more traction for the car. To accommodate the new dogbone style drive shafts, the rear wheel axles were also updated.

Wheel Hubs.

The new aluminum wheel hubs are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 and additionally black coated. The aluminum wobble free hex mounts allow perfect and secure wheel mounting.

Car Holder.

New updated car holder features an eyelet which allows the fuel tank opener string be captured securely and ensures more consistent refueling.

Belt Tensioner.

The adjustable side belt tensioner is captured on a graphite plate mounted to the side of the radio plate holder. The smart design allows the side belt tensioner to be easily adjusted, or easily removed for engine removal.

XRAY Multi-Flex™.

When it comes to setting new standards in the RC industry, XRAY is always at the forefront for bringing new and innovative engineering ideas and solutions, raising the bar and quickly becoming a new market standard for others to follow. XRAY's innovative Multi-Flex Technology™ (MFT™) was originally designed for 1/10 electric touring cars, and has resulted in some of the most significant milestones in touring car development in the past few years. This innovation not only received numerous awards and honors, but it has proven to be a distinct competitive advantage at racetracks worldwide... helping XRAY dominate races at local and national levels.

The NT1 was the first nitro touring car featuring the flex setting. With the optional Multi-Flex™ 1-piece engine mounting system the flex can be easily adjusted for various racing conditions or to fit different driving styles.


Use stiff setting for high-traction tracks where a lot of steering and car response is required.


Use medium setting for medium-traction tracks. This setting offers good balance between steering responsi-veness and traction.


Use soft setting for low-traction, dusty tracks. The car will create a lot of traction with this setting but will have less steering and response compared to stiffer setting.

Chassis Multi-Flex™.

The standard 2-piece engine mount was designed and tested to allow the right amount of chassis flex to suit most driving styles and racing conditions. For specific racing conditions or driving styles, the middle of the chassis can be additionally reinforced by installing optional MFT™ 1 piece engine mount which features reinforcing legs both front and rear, reinforcing the chassis and stiffening the flex. The MFT 1-piece engine mount can be additionally mounted using graphite braces to the rear bulkheads and/or to the front holders next to the battery packs, creating a very solid and stiff platform.

Radio Plate Multi-Flex™.

The flex of the radio plate can be now adjusted independently from the chassis flex which allows super fine tuning.

Using the bushings in the back the radio plate can be mounted to the mounts either fixed or with flex. It is suggested to use the flex setting for low traction tracks as the softer car will generate more traction. The fixed radio plate mounting is suggested for high traction conditions.

Front optional graphite radio plate allows stiffening the front part of radio plate and changes the flex characteristics of radio plate as well. Radio plate without brace allows a lot of in corner steering. The brace makes the car more stable and easier to drive under high grip conditions or when the tire additive is used.

Lowest CG Platform.

Thanks to the very intelligent design concept and engineering, all parts are positioned ultra-low to create the lowest-possible CG resulting in super-stable and precise handling.

Premium & Exclusive Materials.

The NT1 is luxury model racing car and as such features only the most premium materials: premium woven graphite - exclusive top-secret HUDY Spring Steel™ - high grade Swiss 7075 T6 - high-tensile heat-treated steel and aircraft aluminum - and XRAY's self-developed and formulated composite compounds. All is premium and unique on the NT1.


The super-lightweight bulkheads have a very clean and lightweight design to create the lowest weight and CG, making the NT1 easy to service and retaining easy access to all parts. The bulkheads create a super-solid platform where all parts are mounted; a special composite mixture was developed to allow multiple assembly/disassembly without stressing or wearing the parts.
The main advantage of the composite bulkheads is that they absorb vibrations from engine and create a natural flex which is the reason the NT1 is one of the best handling nitro touring cars.

Easy Diff Access.

The smart design of the NT1 allows super-easy front and rear diff access. The front diff can be accessed by removing 4 screws. In the rear, removing the 4 top screws and 2 rear shock tower screws allows the rear diff to be removed.

Integrated Belt Tension.

Both front and rear bulkheads feature integrated eccentric bushings which allow quick & easy front and rear belt tension adjustment.

Fuel Tank.

The 75cc fuel tank with hypertonic tank lid and internal stone-type filter is positioned in the center of the car, and features a unique low-profile design to allow the fuel tank to sit as low as possible.

The fuel tank is mounted with rubber grommets to reduce vibration. The fuel tank is molded from a special composite mixture which guarantees it to be extremely strong and robust.

The fuel tank is glued together using a special self-developed robotic system that ensures maximum accuracy and precision in pre-heating and gluing.

The 5-cell receiver battery pack is located beneath the fuel tank to allow the lowest CG. An optional micro-size receiver battery pack allows the fuel tank to be lowered by another 3mm, creating an ultra-low nitro touring platform.

Radio Box.

Compact lightweight radio case features a clean design and layout. The radio case is attached to the side of the radio plate and will fit any standard-size receiver and optional switch with water resistant rubber cover.

Battery Access.

The receiver battery pack can be easily removed from below the fuel tank by a quick access composite cover at the bottom of the chassis. Optional graphite cover contains a special CNC-machined pocket in which to place the batteries, allowing the batteries to sit as low as possible. The main feature of the graphite cover is its integrated Multi-Flex Technology™ functionality to additionally reinforce the chassis in the vertical plane.

Engine Mounts.

The quick-set 2-piece engine mounts are CNC-machined from premium high-strength aircraft aluminum. Separate engine mounts can be purchased to allow you to have all engines pre-installed with engine mounts for quick & easy engine exchange.

Gear Mesh Adjustment.

The intelligent engine mount design allows you to set and fix the engine position for optimum gear mesh adjustment. Thanks to the specially rectified shape of the teeth the gears have always the same gear mesh which ensures that the engine can be in the same position and there is no need for engine movement. After initial gear mesh is set, the engine position is 100% held in place and the engine can be installed/reinstalled any time without any need for any further gear mesh adjustment.

Brake System.

A strong, highly-efficient brake system is created thanks to focusing on all of the smallest details. The laser-cut, precision flat-ground ventilated steel brake disk allows fade-free braking in conjunction with the special high-grip brake pads installed on the laser-cut brake plates. The brake disk is small and slim, making it very light.

The precision hand-grinding on flat grinding machine allows true, wobble-free rotation. Brake inputs are transferred precisely to the brakes thanks to the ball-raced super-smooth brake cam. The alu brake cam is machined from hard coated, black anodized 7075 T6 aluminum for better durability and both brake disk and brake pads are specially heat treated for maximum lifespan.


Thanks to the construction of all drivetrain parts, the transmission is super smooth and friction-free. From the small diffs, through the efficient ratio and lightweight pulleys, to the high-speed lightly-oiled bearings and lightweight drivetrain parts, all are specifically designed for maximum efficiency.

Drive Shafts.

The tiny drive shafts are manufactured from HUDY Spring Steel™, the most effective drive shaft material by the industry leader HUDY. The self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™ ensures longest drive shaft life, maximum strength, and lowest weight.

NT1 front constant velocity drives (CVDs) and rear dogbone drive shafts are manufactured from HUDY Spring Steel™. The drive shafts are some of the world‘s thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used.

Hardened with a proprietary hardening process, the drive shafts provide unbeatable lifetime and reliability.

Gear Differential.

The diffs in the NT1 are small and light, ensuring lowest rotating mass and lowest CG. Rubber-sealed composite differential housings are molded from a special composite mixture that ensures non-expansion and non-deformation of the diff housing during operation and long runs, which would otherwise negatively influence the free movement of the gears inside. Differential gears are made from pressed steel, heat-treated and machined for ultra-precise and smooth operation.


All pulleys are molded from a special composite mixture that ensures low-friction operation and minimizes chances of teeth breakage. The special composite mixture provides high lifespan.

PUR® Drive Belts.

The drivetrain is operated by PUR®-reinforced high-efficiency low-friction drive belts, which ensure that all power is properly and efficiently transferred to all drivetrain parts.

2-Speed Transmission.

The 2-speed transmission parts are installed on a precision-manufactured super-smooth middle layshaft made from tough HUDY shaft steel for 2-speed, and which is additionally heat treated for extra strength and long life. The 2-speed gear adapter is CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 for precise fitting of the one-way bearing, and allowing super-precise and wobble-free installation of spur gears. The high-quality German one-way bearing is hand-ground before installation for maximum running precision and strength. The 2-speed adapter is manufactured from hardened steel.

Spur Gears.

Precision-moulded spur gears are made from XRAY's exclusive secret blend of plastic, allowing the gears to run true, be super quiet and robust enough to handle the power of a modern nitro engine. The spur gears are moulded with a special technique allowing the gears to be absolutely true thus improving the drivetrain efficiency. Each gear is stamped with a tooth number for easy identification.

Suspension Geometry.

The NT1 features the most advanced, fully-optimized suspension geometry for touring car racing, designed to provide responsive racing characteristics in all racing conditions. Over the years XRAY has successfully gained and utilized extensive suspension geometry knowledge and self-developed suspension stiffness technology, which have been utilized in electric touring car and off-road cars with great success. The ultra-lightweight suspension parts are moulded from special composite material that makes the parts very light yet very durable to withstand the rigors of high-performance racing.

Integrated Suspension Settings™.

The NT1 features I.S.S. (Integrated Suspension Settings™ design. All adjustment possibilities are completely integrated, allowing complete set-up changes without changing or replacing any parts - no need for optional roll center, anti-dive or anti-squat blocks. Using eccentric bushings in the lower parts of the bulkheads and in the front upper bulkhead roll centers, anti-dive and anti-squat can be adjusted easily. High-tensile steel suspension pivot pins are polished for smooth suspension action, and all pivot pins are captured to eliminate the need for E-clips.

Suspension Arms.

Suspension arms are one of the most important parts of any RC model car, as they directly influence the handling and racing characteristics of the car. The NT1 suspension arms are the result of long-term tests of different designs and layouts. Length, thickness, flexibility, geometry of suspension points and materials used… these are all the concepts and details that had to be thoroughly reviewed to create the optimum suspension arms.

The exclusive composite mixture used for suspension arms is a perfect balance between reliability and performance. The suspension arm itself is rigid enough to provide a responsive feel, yet soft enough to provide extreme durability.

Steering Blocks.

The tiny yet tough steering blocks are molded from a special composite mixture for maximum strength.

Thanks to the perfect quality, bearings fit into the steering block perfectly without any extra play for maximum stability and steering of the car.

The kit includes 0 king pin steering blocks, 1 degree king pin steering blocks can be purchased optionally for more in-corner steering.

Rear Uprights.

The very compact rear uprights are small in size but thanks to the special composite mixture used also very strong.

Thanks to the perfect quality, bearings fit into the steering block perfectly without any extra play for maximum stability and steering of the car.

The upright has two positions for mounting the upper roll center linkage to allow changes to the roll center position.

Pivot Balls.

The NT1 pivot ball suspension contains precision pivot balls which are specially hardened for enhanced lifespan and can withstand hard crashes. A total of eight (8) pivot balls are included and are captured by strong M10 composite nuts to save minimize weight.

The standard pivot balls are made from steel for maximum durability and life span. For those who are focused minimizing unsprung weight, optional lightweight aluminum and titanium pivot balls are available.

Alu Hex Hubs.

Ultra-lightweight wheel hex drive hubs are
CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated
aluminum. These ultra-true hex hubs have clamping
design which ensures ultra solid mounting of the wheel
on the hub.

The alu hex hubs are specially machined to reduce rotating weight while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting.

To adjust the track width optional offsets are available -0.75mm and +0.75mm.

Anti-roll Bars.

Anti-roll bars are manufactured from special spring steel material and are included to stabilize the car at both front and rear.

Wire anti-roll bars: suggested to use at smaller but more technical tracks when the car needs to quickly change direction and transfer weight. The thickness of each anti-roll bar is laser engraved for easy identification. Anti-roll bar wires of different thickness are optionally available for fine-tuning.

Blade anti-roll bars: suggested to use at long very fast tracks when the car needs maximum corner speed. With the blade anti-roll bar the car will not dive in the corners and will maintain the maximum speed. The hand-ground front anti-roll bar blades are manufactured from HUDY Spring Steel™ ensuring the highest possible life. The anti-roll bars are easily adjusted using a small 1.5mm hex wrench. The kit includes 1mm thick blade anti-roll bars, softer 0.7mm thick blade anti roll bars are available as an option part.

Either you race on small technical tracks or on large fast tracks you have a choice of the proper front anti-roll bar, both wire and blade style anti-roll bars are included.

Hudy Spring Steel™ Turnbuckles.

To guarantee maximum reliability all turnbuckles are manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel™ material for turnbuckles with a tougher core.

Servo Saver.

The centralized servo saver is ball-raced to ensure super-precise, smooth operation. The servo saver features adjustable spring preload tension for fine tuning. The servo saver also features easily-adjustable Ackermann positions with easy-to-change inserts which greatly influence the steering characteristics... allowing you to adjust the NT1 to your driving style and track conditions.

Silicone Oils.

XRAY Premium Silicone Oils are manufactured in Europe by a specialized premium silicone oil manufacturer; these new oils were exclusively created for XRAY. Each batch of premium oil is laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality batch-to-batch. Based on the industry-standard cSt rating, the new line of oils will be easy to identify, adjust, and feel.

When following any setup sheets by XRAY or XRAY team drivers, you can be sure that the oils you will get for your car will be exactly same as used by the factory racing team, thus ensuring very exacting setups and handling of the car.


The compact front foam bumper is manufactured from high-resilience lightweight foam. The front upper bumper holder and lower composite bumper are molded from rigid composite to protect the car during hard crashes.


The NT1 is fully ball-bearing equipped and features high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings throughout the drivetrain for maximum drivetrain efficiency. The highest-tolerance and maximum-performance bearings are degreased and lightly oiled with Aero Shell Fluid 12 for maximum smoothness and long life. The main ball-bearings are oversized with extra-strong bearing frames to ensure that the bearings will run smoothly and effectively even under extreme conditions.

Body Posts.

The beefy 6mm thick body posts are made from special composite material that provides maximum strength but sufficient flex to reduce body post breakage, even if you flip the car on its roof. The body supports are rounded to have a better fit and provide better support to the car body.

Chassis Balance.

The chassis design focuses on balanced weight distribution and weight transfer. The chassis features pre-drilled holes for additional weights for optimum car balancing. Centerline holes are pre-drilled for easy balancing with the HUDY Chassis Balancing Tool #107880.

Adjustment Possibilites.

The NT1 features fully-adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, droop, track-width, Ackermann and roll centers. For easy and fast adjustment it is suggested to use set-up tools and accessories from HUDY, the world leader of RC tools.

Set-up Book.

The NT1 is one of the most adjustable nitro touring cars in the world. Whether you are a hardcore racing fanatic or a club-level sportsman, you can very easily adjust the NT1 to suit your racing style, race track type, and all track conditions. To fully understand the set-up possibilities we suggest the legendary HUDY Set-up book, loaded with over 50 pages of high-quality pictures and easy-to-read RC car set-up explanations. Whether you are a novice driver or an experienced racer, you can easily learn many set-up tips & tricks and improve your set-up skills, ultimately translating into improved racing performance with your NT1. The HUDY set-up book is available for download exclusively at www.teamxray.com.

XRAY Instruction Manual.

XRAY Instruction Manuals have become the industry standard, and are simply the best manuals you will ever get with an RC model car. Whether you are a first-time builder or an experienced racer, all instructions are straight-forward and easy to understand. The full-colour instruction manual contains large 3D illustrations that show all assembly details in the easiest possible way.

VIP Customer Treatment.

Owning an XRAY model racing car is an experience unto itself. Not only will you own the most premium luxury model racing car in the world, but you will also become a member of the prestigious family of XRAY owners with direct support and service from the XRAY factory. XRAY brings you the most up-to-date RC Web site on the Internet, with daily racing news and the latest product developments. If you have any questions, problems or comments, you can ask the XRAY Support Team or any XRAY Factory Team Driver on the XRAY support forum. You can even upload your own set-up sheets or download from the thousands of different set-up sheets available from around the world at the exclusive XRAY Virtual Set-up Sheet Database. And that is only the start of the VIP treatment you get by joining Team XRAY.