All-new design and completely re-engineered platform.
The lightest, fastest and most advanced XRAY electric touring car ever.
The all-new XRAY T4….the new legend.
“At the core of every XRAY car is our passion for high performance racing cars,
dedication for absolute perfectionism, smart design approach
and heritage of our extensive experiences and achievements. Creating an all-new
platform meant a complete re-engineering and redesigning majority of parts on the car.
Following thousands hours of track-testing with the factory team around the world
and thousands of hours in R&D and prototyping have resulted into an outstanding
racing car, a masterpiece manufactured and machined in-house in Europe, with the extreme
precision you would expect from XRAY. I am very proud to present you the all-new T4.”

Martin Hudy
XRAY T4 designer

T4 all-new features:

All-new T4 platform
All-new servo saver
All-new chassis design
All-new anti-roll bars
All-new top deck
All-new rear uprights
All-new super low shock towers
All-new composite hubs for bulkheads
All-new Super Low Profile (SLP) aluminum shocks
All-new low profile foam bumper
All-new Super Short Shock Springs (4S)
All-new front lower bumper mounts
All-new redesigned and reengineered bulkheads
Improved chassis flex
All-new unique super low profile tweak-free motor mount
Increased traction
All-new upper bulkhead clamps
Improved steering characteristics
All-new updated alu lower suspension holder
Improved weight balance
All-new steering system
Improved CG
All-new tweak-free servo mount

Winning heritage.

Since the release of the first XRAY touring car in 1999, XRAY has been a driving force in the 1/10
electric touring car racing scene. Continuous development and evolution of the XRAY product line has
lead to ever-increasing performance. With countless wins in multiple classes at the local, regional, national
and international levels, XRAY has become the standard by which touring cars are measured. The craftsmanship,
durability and performance of XRAY kits have become legendary. We are pleased to announce that this commitment
to excellence has continued with the release of the newest XRAY 1/10 electric touring car platform,
the XRAY T4…..the new legend.

XRAY T4 development.

For almost a full year, the XRAY R&D team have been refining
and developing the new T4 platform. Working from the ground up to create
this new platform, thousands of hours were spent on tracks around the
world, at our own test facilities, as well as in production design and
prototyping. The design team did not want to leave any stone unturned,
any application untested.

During the year, 5 completely different prototypes were tested by
the XRAY factory team around the world in all the different track conditions.
Whether it was carpet or asphalt, indoor or outdoor, hot or cold
conditions, thousands and thousands of laps were run and countless amounts
of data was recorded to be evaluated and compared.

Out of all the prototypes, only the best ideas and parts, proven on the track,
were chosen to be incorporated into the final prototype. This prototype was then
hard-core tested for several months by 12 different team drivers in 12 different
countries around the world in varied racing conditions. The drivers all returned
with the same results, feedback and conclusion: “This is the best performing,
most innovative XRAY touring car that I have ever tested or driven.”

Main design improvements.

The R&D team had a clear vision and mission to achieve while designing
the all-new T4. All of the changes made are a result of countless hours
spent in R&D, prototyping and thousands of test laps spend on tracks
around the world. The main design improvement focus of the T4 was on: There are different ways to achieve any of these and every approach
has a different result. The proper balance of all the smallest details on a
touring car requires meticulous attention to detail. The R&D team have
applied such a razor sharp focus to perfecting each and every small detail
in order to achieve the end result they were targeting…to make the production
release of the T4 an outstanding masterpiece.

Ultra low platform.

One of the most significant changes for the T4 platform is the super low design of all the parts.
In order to achieve the lowest possible CG, each part was reviewed, assessed, and redesigned
if it didn’t fit our design goals.

Improved chassis flex.

Proper chassis flex is one of the most important features that influences handling and performance
of a model car. With extensive knowledge and experience gained with the XRAY Multi- Flex™ system used on
the previous T2 and T3 platforms, we were able to apply the best of these parameters directly to the T4 platform.
The final flex of the T4 is influenced by a combination of the different aspects and design details of the car.

Increased traction.

At any track you are tuning for either more steering or more traction while working on your car’s
set-up. The T4 has improved both traction and steering to make the car more easily adaptable to any race track.
Once you hit the track with the T4 you will notice the significant increase in traction of the car.

Improved steering characteristics.

To gain sufficient steering is always one of the top tuning priorities on any track and in any conditions.
This includes, but is not limited to, sufficient steering, ideally controlled weight transfer in the chicanes,
steering responsiveness and maintained cornering speed. While designing the T4 these steering
characteristics and more were enhanced to provide the steering response demanded by today’s racer.

Improved weight balance.

Along with the improved steering characteristics and increased traction, the final design area to be addressed
on the T4 was to improve the weight balance. Proper weight balance ensures that the car will not roll excessively,
will remain more stable in chicanes and, with less weight needing to transfer, the car will change directions
more quickly and become generally easier to drive.

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