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XRS UK Off-road R2 Registration Open
Oct. 26, 2021

Registration for XRS UK Off-road Round 2 is open! 

X4 Online Now
Oct. 22, 2021

Check out full detailed presentation of the X4 in a completely new fully animated presentation that will explain all the features in greatest details.  

T4, T4F and X1 win at last round of Swiss Nationals
Oct. 21, 2021

The last run for the Swiss Championship in Chiasso  

XB8 is 2021 South African Junior Champion
Oct. 21, 2021

The 2021 South African National Championship for Off-Road Nitro hosted the final round on the 15th-17th October at the Welkom RC Arena. 

XRAY X4 - First race results
Oct. 21, 2021

The XRAY team continues with a great debut of the X4 at the races around the world. 

X4 Full Presentation Release Date
Oct. 20, 2021

The all new X4 full presentation will be released on Friday 22nd October 2021. Stay tuned! 

T4 is 2021 Dutch Junior Champion
Oct. 20, 2021

Last weekend was round 5 of the Dutch Nationals. 

XB8 is 2021 French National Champion
Oct. 20, 2021

Last round of French national was held at A2Tech track on last weekend. 

XB8 and XB8E win at Turkish Nationals Rd 4
Oct. 19, 2021

RC Park 1/8 Buggy Turkish Championship Round 4

XRS Off-road Round 1, Poland
Oct. 18, 2021

First round of famous XRAY Racing Series Poland winter edition took place in great prepared Titan RC Arena held to Warsaw.  

X4 wins at Newbury RC club, UK
Oct. 17, 2021

After what seemed like a lifetime since we last raced on carpet the team headed back indoors to start preparation for the indoor carpet season.  

XB2'22 is coming soon
Oct. 15, 2021

The new XRAY XB2'22 is coming soon.
Stay tuned!

XRS Slovakia R2 Registration Open
Oct. 15, 2021

Registration for XRS Slovakia Round 2 is open!

Allan O'Brien joins XRAY UK Team
Oct. 15, 2021

Allan O'Brien joins XRAY UK Team 

XB8 and XB8E win at Silver Pennes race, France
Oct. 15, 2021

The Silver Pennes race was held on last weekend on the new track of MRCPM Club. 

Published News Category
Oct. 14, 2021 Ty Tessmann U.S.Open Champion XB8 winning setup sheet Racing
Oct. 13, 2021 Daniel Kobbevik's XB4'21 Option Parts Product
Oct. 13, 2021 T4 and T4F win at DASU Danish Nationals Rd1 Racing
Oct. 13, 2021 XB2 wins at French Cup Racing
Oct. 12, 2021 X4 shipping now Product
Oct. 12, 2021 XB8 and XB8E are 2021 U.S. Open Champions, US Racing
Oct. 11, 2021 XRS Slovakia R1 report, SK Racing
Oct. 11, 2021 XRAY wins at Spanish Nationals Round 3 Racing
Oct. 11, 2021 NT1 on podium at 1/10 French Cup Racing
Oct. 08, 2021 XB4 on podium at Herts club race, UK Racing
Oct. 07, 2021 T4 and X1 win at Swiss Nationals Round 5 Racing
Oct. 07, 2021 Max Gotzl Czech National Champion Winning Setup Sheets Racing
Oct. 07, 2021 XB8E wins at Annual Race against Cancer, USA Racing
Oct. 06, 2021 Max Gotzl's XT2'21 Option Parts Product
Oct. 06, 2021 XRAY Support At U.S. Open Fuel Championships, US Racing
Oct. 06, 2021 XB8 and XB8E win at RC Park Poznan, Poland Racing
Oct. 06, 2021 XB2 and XB4 win at the Clay Masters Race, USA Racing
Oct. 06, 2021 X4 is 2021 UISP Italian Champion Racing
Oct. 05, 2021 Alexander Hagberg Confirmed At XRS Slovakia Round 1 Racing
Oct. 05, 2021 Hupo Honigl's XB2'21 Option Parts Product