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Report by HyunKyu Jung
2023 1/8 Off-road GP Buggy Korean Nationals KMRCA is ove.r
I ended up in 2nd position in the A main final.
My teacher Dani Choi was very fast and he really did the best run that I have seen ever. There was a very exciting moment racing back and forth to keep the lead against him. It will remain one of the best memories ever.

Actually since I didn't have any practice time to get me and my car well-prepared, this was one of the most challenging competitions that I have had ever, but I wanted to overcome it.

Only for 4 times practice rounds, I had to get used to the track and get my car dialed. It was the very difficult for me. As expected, it was dramatically ups and downs and I couldn't see any better setup in such a short time. Also I had to use even every qualifying rounds to work on the better setup and improve my lap time as this track needed the very unique setup.
Finally my father and I could gain the more and more speed with the better setup. My XRAY XB8 was amazing and came together with me.

Great thanks to my sponsors!

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1/8 Off-road GP Buggy results:
1. Dani Choi
2. HyunKyu Jung - XRAY XB8
3. Hanyoung Jeon