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Report by Ethan Lefebvre
Fun day of racing yesterday at the 7th rd of the 2023 Thornhill championship! My cars were great from the start! I was using my setups from the last race ant Thornhill (RC Pro finals sheets) As the track came in they only got better! I was able to take the TQ and Win in both classes on the new AKA Lux SLW! They were consistent and fast all day! Stayed around after racing for a little hot lap challenge and got down to a 34.6! (Best in racing was 35.2)

Huge thank you to my awesome wife for the fast stops as always! Garrett Clay and Bryn for the laughs and good times all around!

I’ll be at Indy for the lonestar race in 2 weeks!
Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Thank you to all my sponsors for their continued support!

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Nitro results:
1. Ethan Lefebvre - XRAY XB8/FX
2. Reggie Tongue
3. Garrett Martin

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Electro results:
1. Ethan Lefebvre - XRAY XB8E
2. Chris Allison
3. Chris Hatch