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Race report by Ben Cosgrove
The superb track of Don Valley Stadium provides very good traction and a warm friendly environment to race in.

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In preparation for the BRCA Nationals I decided to use 5 cells for the whole day to learn more about driving style and chassis setup. I was very pleased with the performance of my Nosram package as I ended up in pole position against 6 cell and LiPo cars.

I had a mixed time in qualification finding the optimum chassis set-up and also the optimum gear ratio with my 4.5 sintered brushless motor. I ended up on a gear ratio of 8.5:1 on a med size track and this was as fast as 6 cell brushed motors, only Elliott was faster on the straight using the same package but with 6 cells.

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I ended up on pole position to my surprise after some bad luck in the last run and felt comfortable for the final. After the last round I was not going to make another small error so decided to just try and cruise around for the victory. This was all going to plan as I had a comfortable lead when I came into traffic. Unfortunately for me a back marker spun right in front of me in the sweeper and effectively ended my race.

I am not having much luck at the BIWS this season having a third place and 2 DNF's in the A finals after being on pole at both and leading when I broke, that's racing!

The finals are in 2 weeks time and I am looking forward to continuing testing 5 cell with my Nosram Brushless Package and XRAY 007 chassis.

Ben Cosgrove