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Race report by Dirk Wischnewski click to enlarge
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The fourth qualification round for the German Championship (Division middle) was held on January 27–28 in the small town of Großauheim close to Frankfurt. There were 48 racers who entered the race in total: 18 in the Modified class (including Ronald Völker, Steffen Leinburger Daniel Sieber) and 30 in the Stock class. Team XRAY drivers Steven Weiß and Dirk Wischnewski took part at the race.

Qualification went well for Team Xray. XRAY driver Dirk Wischnewski qualified in second place only 1sec behind DHI Champion Ronald Völker, closely followed by Steven Weiß also with a T2’007.

In the first final it was a tough battle between Ronald and Dirk. Dirk’s car was a little bit faster but he was not able to pass Ronald so he finished 2nd only 0.3sec behind Ronald. Steven finished in a solid 3rd place ahead of Patrik Gassauer.

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The 2nd final was again a battle for first place between Ronald and Dirk but this time Dirk was able to pass Ronald and win the race. Steven finished 3rd again. Dirk set a new lap record.

The 3rd final was similar to the 2nd one. Dirk passed Ronald around the 3min mark and led until 2 laps to go, then he had trouble overtaking a backmarker. So he only finished 3rd behind Ronald and a very strong Steven in 2nd place.

Results — Modified
1. Ronald Völker
2. Dirk Wischnewski XRAY T2’007
3. Steven Weiß XRAY T2’007

4. Daniel Sieber
5. Stefan Brück
6. Patrick Gassauer
7. Daniel Mateos
8. David Ehrbar XRAY T2’007
9. Steffen Leinburger
10. Marcel Geiger

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Stock class
In the Stock class it was a hard battle between XRAY driver Matthias Lang, Marc Aßman and Batian Schäfer. At the end Matthias Lang won the race with his XRAY T2’007.

Results — Stock
1. Matthias Lang XRAY T2’007
2. Marc Aßmann
3. Bastian Schäfer
4. Daniel Sartorius XRAY T2’007
5. Holger Weisenstein
6. Dai Sakaguchi
7. Markus Frank
8. Martin Hersina XRAY T2’007
9. Jan Gehrig
10. Robert Speck XRAY T2’007

Dirk Wischnewski Set-up sheet.

Matthias Lang Winning Stock Set-up sheet.