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Race report by Soeren Boy Holst
The Broendby Racing Club hosted the 3rd round of the Pilegaards-Cup regional championship series on Sunday, February 4th. Unfortunately there was a low attendance in the Modified class this weekend, so I participated in the 19-turn Super Stock class instead.

Some of the track layout had been changed one week prior to the race, and it actually felt like a brand new racetrack. There was more flow and slightly faster lap times as a result of these changes. Lots of fun and excitement for all drivers.

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Nils Jensen - Winner in 27-turn Stock - T2R
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In the 27-turn Stock class, Nils Jensen was flying with his T2 Raycer, driving very stably and faster than anyone else; he was the only driver with lap times lower than 13 seconds. Nils qualified 1 lap ahead of the 2nd place driver. Impressive!

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Soeren Boy Holst - Winner in 19-turn Super Stock - T2’007
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I was at the track practicing with my 19-turn motor the day before the race, and my T2’007 worked great. It was so easy to drive and I had super lap times: 11.83 sec with very used tyres. Unfortunately the new tyres I used on Sunday weren’t as good, so I could only make 11.92sec, but I was still the only driver with lap times lower than 12 sec, so it was still perfect. I qualified on first spot, 3 seconds ahead of the 2nd place driver.

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Dennis Tollund - Winner in 27-turn Beginner class - T1R
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The finals were nice and easy without any problems. Nils won all three finals in Stock class and I took all three finals in the Super Stock class. There was also a Beginner class, and this one was also won with an XRAY, so it was a “clean sweep” for the X-Factor. ;0)

A big “Thanks” goes to the drivers who participated. I’m looking forward to seeing you again next time.

Soeren Boy Holst