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Race report by Steven Weiß
The Corally Days 2007 race event was held on February 16-18 in Megadrom Geilenkirchen. Geilenkirchen is a small town in the western part of Germany very close to the Dutch border. There were 70 racers who entered the race in total: 21 Modified, 34 Stock and 13 in 12th-scale class. Team XRAY drivers Steven Weiß and Bart Wubben took part at the race.

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Qualification click to enlarge
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Qualification started on Saturday morning. In the first rounds, Steven Weiß had some electronic problems so he qualified his T2'007 only in 4th place on the grid behind Jonas Kearup and both Prümper brothers. Bart Wubben improved every round and qualified in 7th place.

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The start of the first final was very clean. Everybody ran in qualifying order until there were 2min remaining, than Björn Prümper made a small mistake and Steven was able to take over 2nd place. Unfortunately the gap to Jonas was already to big so Steven finished in 2nd place ahead of B. Prümper and Loic Jasmin. Bart was very unlucky in the first final and ended up in 9th place.

Final 2 was very similar to the first one. After 2min B. Prümper again made a small mistake and Steven jumped into 3rd place closely behind Yannic Prümper. They battled the rest of the race for 2nd place. Steven was able to pass Yannic with 2 laps remaining and finished in 2nd place only 2sec behind Jonas Kearup.

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In Final 3, Steven was able to pass both Prümper brothers in the first laps. He came close to Jonas but was unable to pass him so he finished in 2nd place again. Bart was luckier in this final and finished in a solid 4th place.

1. Jonas Kaerup
2. Steven Weiß T2'007
3. Björn Prümper
4. Jannik Prümper
5. Loic Jasmin
6. Frederico Veronesi
7. Bart Wubben T2'007
8. Denis Kalinowski
9. Markus Mobers
10. Lucas Urbain

Steven Weiß Set-up sheet.

Bart Wubben Set-up sheet.