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Race report by Leon Dravitzki click to enlarge
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The New Zealand National event was run at the Manawatu track in 2007 which is right next to the full sized Manfield race track. The event catered for 3 touring car classes, a Tamiya Mini class and a 12th Scale Class. The track was very smooth to what I’m used to and quite short. There was a mix of high and low speed corners where if you get the speed and lines right the track times would improve. The stock touring class always attracts good numbers in New Zealand racing and always makes for bumper to bumper racing where car efficiency and a smooth driving style is the key to quick lap times.

Saturday/Qualifying click to enlarge
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I was in the same heat as the local fast guy Jason Marshal. Unfortunately for him, he had bad luck (breakages) which enabled me to get some good clean runs in, and improve my lap times with each race. In the first 2 heats I only managed average times compared to the other heats. I made a small setup change and drove hard and smooth in the last run and managed to get away well and get the TQ ahead of Stephen and Phillip.

Before finals I changed from a one way and practiced with a front spool type setup expecting the finals to be more intense driving in traffic. The spool was a lot easier to drive and enabled more control entering the corners. I was able to get away in the first race leading from start to finish as the others crashed a lot behind me making it an easy win.

The second race was closer but managed to get away again and keep the lead with the others following close behind.

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I decided to race the third but got passed as the track had heated up a lot by now and my car was a little squirmy so only managed a 4th place. But it didn’t matter. No one was able to bet my 2 times combined for the overall win and fastest times of both days. This was the first time racing with the Xray T2 and it proved fast and suitable for stock type racing.

Final Positions

Touring Stock Class:
1st Leon Dravitzki Xray T2
2nd Stephen Li
3rd Philip Wong
4th Liam Dobson
5th Jason Marshall
6th Gareth Davies
7th Thomas Harrison
8th Mal Southgate Xray T2
9th Rocky Ali
10th Matt Whitmarsh

Leon Dravitzki.