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Race report by Helge Johannessen
Finally the National Championship arrived on March 3/4. Everybody was expecting something special from the organizer club, Spydeberg Motorklubb. They promised a 600 m2 track, high grip, and nice prizes for this year. Classes included 1:10 Touring Modified & 1:10 Touring 19T Spec.

What was promised, was delivered! Everything was made perfect… huge track, nice prizes, great race director, and a referee that did a great job. Thanks!

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Qualifying — 19T Spec click to enlarge
Adrian's T2'007 for 19T Spec
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The National Championship was driven by round-by-round Principe, with 3 out of 5 rounds counting. In 19T Spec, the big question was if 13 year old Adrian Berntsen, would finally take his first win. In the last races, he has showed us some great driving skills, and giving me a hard time.

So when the qualifying started, Adrian made a great run but I had big interference problems.

Adrian won the first 4 rounds in supreme style, and I was 9th. In the fifth round my interference was gone, and took the win for that round. This put Adrian in the TQ position, with me 2nd on the grid.

Finals — 19T Spec click to enlarge
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In the first final, Adrian continued where he left the qualifying… in front with me closing up behind. I had some bad luck and was crashed by another car when I was right behind Adrian.
He took home a supreme win in this one.

In the second A-final, Adrian took off from the start with great speed, and I tried to keep up with him.

He made a small mistake and I went by him. But Adrian would not give up without a fight, and he stressed me so much that I made a mistake. Adrian went by me and won this one, too. Very impressive driving from this young man. He has been the best driver all weekend, so he deserved this one.
Congratulations Adrian!

Results — 19T Spec
1. Adrian Berntsen XRAY T2’007 US Spec
2. Helge Johannessen XRAY T2’007 US Spec

3. Morten Bremsrud
4. Truls Solberg
5. Roger Berntsen
6. Robin S. Nordlie
7. Markus Paskarbeit
8. Goran Langsholt
9. Petter Berntsen
10. Ole Christian Solli

Qualifying — Modified click to enlarge
Helge's T2'007 for Modified
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In the Modified class, I tried my car in the morning with the same setup I used at the last race.
It worked great, with easy handling and fast corner speed. The last time I drove this setup, my car was not good, but I put on the Mazda Speed body and the car felt great.

The big battle in this class would be between Eirik Andreassen (Multiple National Champion and Nordic Champion), and myself with Adrian Berntsen close behind.

I won all qualifying rounds by 1sec ahead of Eirik, which put me in the TQ position, with Eirik in 2nd and Adrian in 3rd.

The only adjustment I made was softer stabilizers when the tires were wearing down.

Finals — Modified click to enlarge
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In the first final we all made a clean start and there was only 1meter between me in front, Eirik in 2nd, and Adrian in 3rd. It was a great final, and when Eirik and Adrian were fighting for 2nd place, I got a little break from the stress that Eirik was giving me. I won the first final, Eirik came in 2nd and Adrian came in 3rd.

In the second final, I put on new tires because the steering was gone… BAD choice.
The glue on the tires loosened after 2 laps allowing Eirik to take the win with me in 2nd.

So in the third final Eirik and I went off with only 0.1sec between us. But I drove safely, and felt that I had full control from the start. After 2 minutes, Eirik’s car broke down, and I secured the win.

Results — Modified
1. Helge Johannessen XRAY T2’007 EU Spec
2. Eirik Andreassen
3. Adrian Berntsen XRAY T2’007 EU Spec
4. Petter Solvberg
5. Christer Antonsen
6. John Lara
7. Oddbjorn Tromborg
8. Jon Age Olsen
9. Goran Langsholt
10. Kim Juliussen

Adrian Berntsen Winning 19T Set-up sheet.

Helge Johannessen 19T Set-up sheet.

Helge Johannessen Winning Modified Set-up sheet.