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The third race was held on March 17 in an eastern Czech town named Trutnov. Thirty-two drivers participated in this race. The carpet track measured 24x16m, and was improved with plastic perimeter barriers which prevented the cars from flying off the track. Plus, the track had more cups in corners in order to see them better. RCA DDM Trutnov is the only club in the Czech Republic, where the race on the carpet is always held and moreover there is also an asphalt track.

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This race is becoming more popular this year, with drivers who we see at another prestige races (XRAY Challenge Cechy or MCR) join it. According to quality service, which is provided by the company Martin Korinek, XRAY chassis are the most used in all specifications.

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The race was held in the gymnasium of elementary school R. Frimla. After a meeting in the morning the drivers, started to practice and tune their chassis for qualifying rounds.

The first qualifier (1/18th scale) started at 9:30AM. After the 3 qualifying rounds the final groups were given.

1/10 TC Qualification:

1 Jan Pastyrik
2 Jiri Svoboda
3 Zdenda Benes
4 Miloslav Stehlik
5 Ondrej Hejnys
6 Jiri Rocnak
7 Michal Blahovsky
8 Tomas Kalab
9 Cestmir Doubrava
10 Miroslav Sir

1/18 Micro Qualification:

1 Jiri Tehnik
2 Josef Tesar
3 Milan Wolf
4 Miloslav Stehlik
5 Martin Kubik
6 Richard Jenka
7 Jiri Prouza
8 Vladimir Rieger

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Before opening the final rounds, drivers had an opportunity to refresh or they could use this break for preparing their cars.

The final rounds were again opened by the 1/18 category. Mila Stehlik and Blahovsky had no competition in this category and dominated the race. Jiri Tehnik (TQ) couldn’t drive in the finals because of technical problems.

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In the 1/10 TC class, Jan Pastyrik (TQ) dominated the race and won the finals. Zdenda Benes and Jiri Svoboda had a very good battle for 2nd and 3rd positions. At the end it was Zdenda Benes who had more luck and finished second. The Junior category was won by Michal Blahovsky. After the finals there was a prize ceremony, and then all drivers — satisfied from good race — went their separate ways.

1/10 TC Final results:

1 Jan Pastyrik XRAY T2'007
2 Zdenda Benes XRAY T2R
3 Jiri Svoboda XRAY T2
4 Tomas Kalab XRAY T1R
5 Miloslav Stehlik XRAY T2
6 Ondrej Hejnys XRAY T1FK'04
7 Miroslav Sir XRAY T1FK'05
8 Michal Blahovsky XRAY T2

9 Josef Barta
10 Jaroslav Stepanek XRAY T2
11 Jiri Tehnik XRAY T2'007
12 Jakub Stepanek XRAY T2
13 Zdenek Kalab XRAY T2R
14 Cestmir Doubrava XRAY T1FK'04

15 Michal Musil
16 Petr Stepanek
17 Jan Blahovsky XRAY T2
18 Ales Cernohuby XRAY T2

19 Michal Ochoc
20 Radek Vancl XRAY T1EVO
21 Jiri Rocnak XRAY T1FK'05

22 Jaroslav Ochoc
23 Lukas Vater

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1/18 Micro Final results:

1 Miloslav Stehlik XRAY M18PRO
2 Josef Tesar XRAY M18PRO
3 Milan Wolf XRAY M18
4 Jiri Tehnik XRAY M18PRO
5 Martin Kubik XRAY M18PRO
6 Petr Jenka XRAY M18
7 Richard Jenka XRAY M18

8 Jiri Prouza
9 Vladimir Rieger XRAY M18

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