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This weekend was the first race in the Öresund Cup, a cup series that includes four different races… two in Sweden and two in Denmark. The first race was in Staffanstorp in south Sweden. The weather was cold and windy with not so much grip on the track.

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Niklas Hakansson NT1
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On Saturday morning we had one practice heat to set up the cars, after that we had three qualification rounds of which two were counted. TQ was Martin Lissau with his SIRIO-powered XRAY NT1.

The finals were held on Sunday, with the following drivers directly qualifying: Martin Lissau (NT1), Georg Ellingsen, Per-Ola Hard and Niklas Hakansson NT1. Up from the semi-finals came another XRAY NT1 Claus Ryeskov, so all participating XRAY NT1 drivers were in the main final.

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XRAY 1st & 3rd on podium
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Martin lead from start to finish, and Per-Ola and Niklas were battling for 2nd place. In the end it was Per-Ola in 2nd and Niklas in 3rd.


1. Martin Lissau XRAY NT1
2. Per-Ola Hard
3. Niklas Hakansson XRAY NT1
4. Henrik Karlsson
5. Claus Ryeskov XRAY NT1
6. Klas Runesson
7. Micael Petersson
8. Georg Ellingsen
9. Martin N.O Hansen
10. Kristoffer Dahlquist

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Team XRAY with NT1 cars
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