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The LRP Touring Masters was held at the end of the April in the small village of Appelheim near Frankfurt. The LRP Masters is well known as one of the biggest and most prestigious carpet races in Europe and many top drivers from world wide participated at this race. Team XRAY was well represented by Jilles Groskamp, Teemu Leino, Martin and Juraj Hudy, Alexander Hagberg, Andreas Myrberg, Paul Lemieux, Ben Cosgrove, and other top team drivers from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Czech Republic.

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Racing started with free practice on Friday afternoon and continued until 10:00PM. The carpet was completely new so the first rounds of practice were more like a drift show than serious practice. Plus, the new carpet was very hairy which caused all the drivers a lot of broken bearings and a lot of time to clean the carpet hair from the cars during the entire practice period.

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Jilles together with Andreas and Alexander were very fast right from the first practice. Martin was fast as well but he did not have enough rear traction, however the track was changing every minute so there was no reason to change set up because traction was increasing very quickly. At the end of the free practice almost all XRAY drivers guys were very happy with their cars' performance and were looking forward to Saturday qualifiers.

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Paul Lemiux
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Saturday qualifiers started at 1:00PM because Stock drivers from different categories had free practice in the morning. The Masters class had three rounds of qualifiers on Saturday and one on Sunday, with the two best results counted. After a very good start in the first round, Jilles was fastest and set TQ. Teemu's car behaved very strangely; he had no rear traction and the car looked very sensitive… completely the completely opposite characteristics of Jilles' car.

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Martin Hudy in pits
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Martin had very good lap times on Friday evening but the traction was now completely different so his car was pushing, plus his batteries dumped so he finished 15th. The second qualifying round was again successful for our drivers because Jilles finished 3rd, Paul 5th, and Martin 6th. The traction was changing from round to round and the third qualifier was held on super-high traction track where many drivers had problems with traction rolling.

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Paul Lemiux T2'007
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Jilles showcased his skills and his car's performance and finished second. Alexander had a very good round and finished 4th, Steven 6th, and Teemu 7th. Martin was on very good pace as well but before the end his car surprisingly twisted two times on the short straight behind the chicane which cost him 2 seconds and he lost his possible 6th place (which would mean the A-final) and finished 11th in this round.

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Ben Cosgrove in pits
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The last (fourth) round was held on Sunday morning and everything was still open because more than 10 drivers still had a chance to make the A-final. The best result from Team XRAY was Jilles with 4th spot followed by Dirk Wischnewski who finished 5th and this helped him move to the A-main. Lucky was also Paul who finished 6th and this result kept him in the final. Bad luck was had by Martin who missed the A-final in the last round by 1 second, and also Teemu who finished 11th and had the same points as Dirk but Dirk had a better best result.

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driver stand
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The XRAY team showcased an excellent result in both stock classes, where in the 17T Stock class Team XRAY qualified 5x T2’007 into the final and 3x T2’007 in the Stock Challenge category.

1. Juho Levanen
2. Victor Wilck
3. Jilles Groskamp XRAY T2’007
4. Craig Drescher
5. Christer Anderson
6. Ronald Volker
7. Sake Ahoniemi
8. Paul Lemiux XRAY T2’007
9. Alexander Hagberg XRAY T2’007
10. Dirk Wischnewski XRAY T2’007
11. Teemu Leino XRAY T2’007
12. Steven Weiss XRAY T2’007
13. Martin Hudy XRAY T2’007

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Alexander Hagberg T2'007
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Although Jilles was very fast during the qualifiers, he was unlucky in the finals. Already in the first final he had a very difficult starting position because he was very close to the corner curbs and he hit them immediately after the start so after that mistake he started from the 10th spot. However, thanks to his exceptional driving skills and car performance he was able to finish third behind Juho and Ronald. The second final was again very close and was won by Juho ahead of Victor and Jilles.

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Jilles Groskamp T2'007
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The third final was most disappointing for Jilles because right from the start he was closely following Victor and waiting for a mistake in order to pass him and take the lead. Finally, after three minutes when both drivers had a huge lead, Victor made a mistake and ended up on his roof; however, Jilles was very close behind him and crashed into Victor… putting Victor back on his wheels but now with Jilles ending up on his roof! After the marshals turn him back onto the wheels, he was sixth or seventh and he had no chance to make a good result in this final.

Final results:
1. Juho Levanen
2. Victor Wilck
3. Ronald Volker
4. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY T2'007
5. Christer Anderson
6. Craig Drescher
7. Paul Lemiux - XRAY T2'007
8. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T2'007
9. Dirk Wischnewski - XRAY T2'007

10. Sake Ahoniemi
11. Steven Weiss - XRAY T2'007
12. Andreas Myrberg - XRAY T2'007
13. Martin Hudy - XRAY T2'007

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podium 17T Stock class
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With no much luck in the Masters category, the results and great achievements came in both Stock classes. In the 17T Stock class it was Daniel Wohlgemuth who won all three finals and despite he was disqualified in the first final due underweight, he was still able to win remaining two finals and claim the victory with his XRAY T2’007. Bastian Hennig the TOSW and DHI Cup winner showcased also a very nice performance with achieving 2x second position and one 5th position, but it was still not enough for the second place and finished 3rd overall, taking another podium finish for Team XRAY.

Stock 17T final results:

1 ) Daniel Wohlgemuth - XRAY T2'007

2 ) Bastian Schafer
3 ) Bastian Hennig - XRAY T2'007
4 ) Tony Streit
5) Peter Deggelmann - XRAY T2'007
6) Elena Kolloff
7) Tobias Wiebach
8) Marcus Horn - XRAY T2'007
9) Oliver Grimm
10 ) Michael Haneberg - XRAY T2'007

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podium Stock Challenge
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In the Stock Challenge category it was again the Team XRAY driver Patrick Reich who was unbeatable and won all three finals securing him the overall win, taking home the second winner’s trophy for Team XRAY from this prestigious race.

Stock Challenge final results:

1) Patrick Reich - XRAY T2'007

2) Alexander Maisch
3) Hanjo Dimler
4) MIchael Dietz
5) Sebastian Weiss
6) Daniel Di Michele
7) Matthias Lang - XRAY T2'007
8) Patrick Garbi
9) Stefan Kohler
10 ) Julian Dopstadt - XRAY T2'007