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Race report by Mark Gilliland
Last week we had the 1st running of a EC for B license drivers in the 200mm cateogory.

We travelled most of Sunday to be at the track in Belgium for the beginning of free practice on Monday. Arriving at the track we were greeted with great sunshine and a beautiful facility.

Practicing from Monday to Thursday, most drivers had 3 runs per day to perfect setups and tyre combinations.

I used most of the runs available testing different settings with roll bars and diff oils.

All the Xray cars looked very fast in free practice and looked the least likely to grip roll, which was causing major problems for most competitors.

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We had a balanced setup that would hopefully be quick enough to secure a top 4 position.

The fourth round proved to be the quickest of them all, unfortunately I had a coming together with another car close to the end of the 5 minutes, losing 2 seconds which was enough to split 3-10. The top ten managed the magic 20 laps. An excellent result putting 3 Xray cars in the top ten, with Walti Beat directly qualifying in 4th place.

Top 20 after qualifying is complete:

1. Mazzeo Alessio (I) 20L 00:05:06.678
2. Renaux Jerome (B) 20L 00:05:12.053
3. Dankel Eric (D) 20L 00:05:12.911
4. Beat Walti (CH) 20L 00:05:13.239 – XRAY NT1
5. Jacobs Daan (NL) 20L 00:05:13.423
6. Walker-Catchpole Adam (GB) 20L 00:05:13.854 – XRAY NT1
7. Brown Stephen (GB) 20L 00:05:13.865
8. Tomaschko Daniel (A) 20L 00:05:14.392
9. Ania Rocco (I) 20L 00:05:14.593
10. Gilliland Mark (GB) 20L 00:05:15.176 – XRAY NT1
11. Bürge Sebastian (D) 19L 00:05:00.297
12. Meister Karl - Heinz (D) 19L 00:05:00.599
13. BERRON J,Claude (F) 19L 00:05:00.724
14. Schär Traugott (CH) 19L 00:05:01.063 – XRAY NT1

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Unfortunately we had 4 cars in the one semi-final so the best we could hope for was 3 cars to bump up from this semi. We nearly had our wish as we were holding the top 3 positions right to the last corner when Adam was overtaken.

Semi Final B

1 Schär Traugott 75 00:20:07.742 – XRAY NT1
2 Gilliland Mark 74 00:20:03.599 – XRAY NT1

3 Krause Ralf 74 00:20:09.903
4 Walker-Catchpole Adam 73 00:19:56.746 – XRAY NT1
5 Meister Karl - Heinz 73 00:20:00.210
6 Ciarlone Cristiano 73 00:20:07.280
7 Tomaschko Daniel 72 00:20:01.400
8 Feller Sebastian 71 00:20:05.373 – XRAY NT1
9 Lechner Sabrina 71 00:20:05.897
10 Kempeneers Maarten 70 00:20:04.440

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With 3 cars in the main final anything could happen over the 45 minutes. With tyre strategies key to performance we had big decisions to make before the final. Tyre change or no tyre change? I decided to go for bigger tyres and no change. Walti and Traugott decided to change the RHS only. Unfortunately all of us ran into problems and we could only manage 5th, 7th & 9th. It was a shame as the cars performed faultlessly all week and again proved to be super competitive.

Main Final

1. Mazzeo Alessio (I) - 170L 00:45:11.269
2. 2. Dankel Eric (D) - 169L 00:45:05.809
3. Ania Rocco (I) - 169L 00:45:12.872
4. Brown Stephen (GB) - 169L 00:45:15.812
5. Beat Walti (CH) - 166L 00:45:07.171 XRAY NT1
6. Krause Ralf (D) - 165L 00:45:14.191
7. Schär Traugott (CH) - 163L 00:45:10.418 XRAY NT1
8. Slater Chris (GB) - 162L 00:45:00.171
9. Gilliland Mark (GB) - 154L 00:44:28.227 XRAY NT1
10. Renaux Jerome (B) - 154L 00:45:01.431

Thanks to the organizers who provided a superb event run like clockwork.

Mark Gilliland