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The first 2007 Swiss Championship for 1/10 touring cars was held on May 5–6th, 2007. It rained the entire day on Saturday, so the qualification runs were very difficult. On Sunday, two qualification rounds were held on a wet track, and two were on a dry track. Four XRAY drivers qualified into the A-final.

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Qualification results:
1. De Marco Bastien
2. Rigert Mario T2'007
3. Lnenicka Sacha T2'007

4. Saupe Frank
5. Krebs Charly
6. Bui Khounmy
7. Lnenicka Ronny T2'007
8. Fankhauser Daniel T2'007

9. Weisskopf Lars
10. Streuli Markus

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The final was run on a dry track. XRAY showed a strong performance and dominated in all finals. The final was won by incumbent Swiss champion Mario Rigert ahead of Sacha Lnenicka, Daniel Fankhauser, and Ronny Lnenicka.

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Final results:
1. Rigert Mario T2'007
2. Lnenicka Sacha T2'007
3. Fankhauser Daniel T2'007
4. Lnenicka Ronny T2'007

5. Saupe Frank
6. Weisskopf Lars
7. Streuli Markus
8. Bui Khounmy
9. De Marco Bastien
10. Krebs Charly