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Race report by Patrick Garbi click to enlarge
Team XRAY in the pits
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Last weekend we had the first Mid Group race at the permanent MSC Kirchhain race track, which is located about 70 km north from Frankfurt. Saturday afternoon we had nice weather, so the most drivers used the time to optimize their set-ups. Already you could see that Team XRAY with the NT1 dominating the track.

Sunday morning there were three qualification races run. The weather was luckily still dry and the following drivers went directly into the final:

Dirk Wischnewski Xray NT1
Andreas Schuch Xray NT1
Patrick Garbi Xray NT1

Alexander Mehl

Unfortunately, a part of the semi-finals were run under wet conditions, so following drivers could then qualify for the final:

Bertram Kessler
Jens Schmidt
Jan Richter
Karsten Bruche
Andreas Mairon
Christian Kobiela

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Dirk preparing his car for the final
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Under summer conditions the 30-minute finals took place.
Polesitter Dirk Wischnewski had no problem with his REX-powered NT1 to keep the leading position, despite an additional pit stop due to motor stoppage. He won the race. I was very happy with my set-up and won second place. Bertram Kessler, who after a warm up at the semi-finals, ended up in a fantastic third position.

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The winning XRAY Team
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In total there were seven XRAYs in the finals, which confirms the performance and the reliability of the NT1 ‶out of the box※!

Thanks a lot to Bertram Kessler and his son Micha for the team support, as well as to Michael Heinrich from MH-Tuning for the preparation of the REX Engines.

Final Results:

1. Dirk Wischnewski XRAY NT1
2. Patrick Garbi XRAY NT1
3. Bertram Kessler XRAY NT1
4. Andreas Schuch XRAY NT1

5. Alexander Mehl
6. Jan Richter XRAY NT1
7. Andreas Mairon XRAY NT1
8. Karsten Bruche XRAY NT1

9. Christian Kobiela
10. Jens Schmidt