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This weekend was the 1st round of the Norwegian Championships. Because of the heavy rain the night before, the track was muddy Friday morning, but it was dry again after a few hours.

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Rune Berget
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There were 66 drivers starting. Everyone wanted to get into the final, and there was a lot of good driving in the qualifier round. Team XRAY drivers Morten Thorkildsen and Rune Berget were well prepared after the qualifications, and both were ready for the semi.

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Morten Thorkildsen
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Morten was really fast in his semi-B; the car was simply perfect and he won semi-B. Rune was driving in semi-A and was in 4th place when the nipple for the high-speed needle fell off, and then he was out.

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In the final Morten was driving aggressively and after a short time he had a good lead. There was a big battle for 2nd and 3rd places and with only a few seconds left of the final, Morten flamed out! He was gambling with fuel strategy and he missed out with only 100 meters to go. But luckily he made it and won!

1. Morten Torkildsen XRAY XB8 EC
2. Viggo Andreassen
3. Rune Karlsen
4. Jan Erik K?sa
5. Frode Skauen
6. P?l L?vdal
7. Anders Mehren
8. Svein Erik Haaland
9. Christer Antonsen
10. Torbj?rn Sundsvalen