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Race report by Joep Willemsen

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Tony Vredenberg
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It was not a good weather forecast for Sunday May, 27th, the day of Dutch Nationals round 2. Rain was predicted but we were very lucky in having a totally dry event. There were 48 modified drivers (EFRA rules) and 24 stock drivers (EFRA, but 19T motor) attending the event.


Bart Wubben, Tony Vredenberg and myself had, after some testing on Saturday, a good but rather different setup. I was able to qualify in 24th position, Tony qualified 10th and Bart had pole after the first qualifier, but in the 3rd he had to take pole back from Stefan Jansen by doing 1 more lap than Stefan. I lacked experience to do better, Tony lacked speed caused by not having the new Team Orion Vortex motors yet, and Bart had everything in his favor and was the only driver doing 20 laps.

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Joep Willemsen Crash
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After the Netherlands has gone to the EFRA rules the Modified field has become very competitive. The difference between B- or C-final for me was only 0.293 seconds! A qualifying position 26 compared to position 2 was only a 19.6sec difference. This resulted in very close finals.

My lack of experience in such a close field and someone who absolutely wanted to overtake me with doing more than 50 km/h getting onto the straight resulted in the first final in an accident and a 9th position in the C-final. The accident is put on a photo by Frank Groskamp and shows again how strong the T2’007 is, because I was able to drive on without any problem. My second final went very smooth, but I was only able to gain 1 position and finished 8th. Overall I finished 29th.

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Joep Willemsen
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The A-finals were breathtaking looking at the fight for positions 2–10… close and neat. Bart drove both finals from pole with the 2nd placed driver only 2.5–3sec behind him. Tony had to fight hard for his 8th position starting from 10th position on the grid.

A-final results:

1. Bart Wubben XRAY T2’007
2. Hugo van den Berg
3. Patrick Jongenelis XRAY T2’007
4. Stefan Jansen
5. Michael Lepelaar
6. Rob Janssen
7. Arjen Potharst
8. Tony Vredenberg XRAY T2’007
9. Ben Kampen
10.Sven van Essen

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Stock was dominated from the beginning to the end by Jan van Steeg. Here we also saw a lot of close racing. Daan Schenning, the number 2 after round 1, was hit by interference in both finals and was not able to keep his position.

The A-final results are:

1. Steeg, Jan van
2. Miedema, Tjitte - XRAY T2
3. Mekenkamp, Jan
4. Schennink, Daan
5. Lankreijer, Ron - XRAY T2
6. Reitsma, Jetze - XRAY T1FK05
7. Germeraad, Erik - XRAY T2
8. Aalst, Wesley van - XRAY T2

9. Kaan, Rob
10.Dragstra, Teun

The next round will be on June 24th in Gouda (MBC de Sluis). I’m looking forward to it.

Joep Willemsen Set-up sheet.

Bart Wubben Set-up sheet.

Patrick Jongenelis Set-up sheet.

Tony Vredenberg Set-up sheet.

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Tjitte Miedema
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Bart Wubben
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