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Race report by Wayne Mah

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Region 5 of the CORCS series ran it's first leg this past weekend in Edmonton.


While the weather co-operated with the race organizers, it was very cold; which made starting the engines almost as difficult as bearing 5 minutes plus a "warm-up" on the driver stand.

1/8 Nitro Buggy saw dominance in Wayne Mah, and his new Werks powered XB8 EC, easily taking the TQ spot with a 10 lap run in the final qualifier. He was the only competitor to reach the 10 lap plateau in 1/8 buggy and then backed it up in 1/8 Truggy with the debut of the XT8 in the series.

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The weather on Sunday was a lot more enjoyable for the competitors. It was warm and sunny for most of the day.

1/8 Nitro Buggy: After the false start issue was resolved and the 45-minute buggy a-main was underway, Wayne and Cory found themselves in the 1st and 2nd spots respectively. After 12 minutes they had built up a 2 lap cushion over 3rd place. Wayne was slowly pulling away from Cory with a 25 second lead after the first quarter of the race. It was smooth sailing for Wayne the rest of the way and brought the win home for the new car. Brad Comis the latest addition to the XRAY Canada Race team also had a very strong ‶A※ main showing with his new EC kit.

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Truggy: In a word; dominance. Simply put, Wayne had no competition. Wayne's XT8 looked absolutely dialed. The 2nd team truck of Steve Frechette (borrowed from fellow team drive Rick Endler) was the 2nd fastest truck that day; Steve with only a few tanks through the truck was amazed at just how easy it was to drive fast.

Wayne did have to overcome a small amount of adversity when he ran out of fuel and had to swap a glow plug in the pit stop. He lost a lap; Wayne got the lead back only 6 laps later. Wayne's XT8 flamed out a 2nd time just as the fuel entered his tank. Way filled and got his son out with only a small loss of time and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Side note** this was a prototype truck with the standard 125cc tank.

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Wayne Mah had this to say after the event:


"The XB8 EC was very responsive thought the S turn mid course, with the 48 tooth spur the car out accelerated most on the field and made it a lot easier to clear the jumps with little run. The advancements in this version of the XB8 really compliment all driving styles; it has a lot of steering but completely manageable in a drift."


"What can I say, Xray really nailed this one. The Truggy Carves hard and accelerates even harder. When driven aggressively the XT8 only asks for more… Like the EC it’s completely manageable in a drift, but really likes to steer and carve up the track. The most impressive feature was the durability."

Wayne Mah XB8EC Set-up sheet.