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The 3rd Czech Championship was held on June 30, 2007 in Most and all drivers were fighting for the highest positions. The local track was perfectly prepared and in contrast to last year a few new jumps were added. Some of the drivers met on Friday for practice before the start and also to find out a good basic set-up and suitable tyres for Saturday`s qualifications.

Qualification consisted of five rounds from which the best three were counted for final evaluation. A few XRAY drivers progresses straight into the main final – Martin Bayer and Martin Pater, the next two places belonged to Michal Bok (specialist for 1:10 on-road) and Lukas Zeman. Petr Klatovsky, another XRAY driver, had some engine problems and finished 11th. The first half of the race finished with a great success for Team XRAY and everybody was looking forward to the final rounds.

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During the final rounds the fine powder on the track was tracked out and the main trail had better grip. Slight undulation appeared in one of the curves but this one was the only one on the track. A. Dubak and Lukas Zeman managed to progress from the first semifinal round to the main final, and P. Klatovsky moved along from the 2nd semifinal. Michal Bok had a big crash and missed progressing to the final by only 10 seconds.

The main final was 30min long. After the start, M. Bayer was first and gradually he started to create a gap. Right behind him were his brother A. Bayer and L. Zeman. M. Pater and P. Klatovsky had some collisions and fell to the very back. Throughout a few laps they started to move ahead. Big disappointment was had by M. Pater, whose engine stopped working in the first half of the final and then twice again later. Leader M. Bayer had a good lead on his brother Ales, and behind them L. Zeman with P. Klatovsky were fighting for 3rd place. Three minutes before the end a stone jumped into M. Bayer`s car and partly prevented his movement. He went to pits where he spent 20 seconds and meanwhile his brother Ales overtook the lead… and lead him to the end. The fight for 3rd place was finally won by P. Klatovsky, 3sec ahead of L. Zeman. Another XRAY driver, A. Dubak, finished 7th and M. Pater finished in 9th after some engine problems.

1. Ales Bayer
2. Martin Bayer XRAY XB8EC
3. Petr Klatovsky XRAY XB8EC
4. Lukas Zeman XRAY XB8EC

5. Jakub Musil
6. Miroslav Jurenka
7. Adam Dubak XRAY XB8EC
8. Martin Zvara
9. Martin Pater XRAY XB8EC
10. Jan Kapicka

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The Czech Championship consists of 8 races. After 3 races the order is following:

1. Klatovsky XRAY XB8EC
2. Zeman XRAY XB8EC
3. M. Bayer XRAY XB8EC