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Euro Fever Grips the RC World Again... Circa 2007!

XRAY is very proud to again be the principal sponsor of the electric European Championship 2007, giving promise to yet another fantastic international racing event full of pulse-pounding excitement and top-level performance. Previous years have shown XRAY to be a first-class choice for principal sponsorship of this event, and this year will be no different. World-class organization has always been synonymous with the Euros, and XRAY is again right in the middle of it... delivering unsurpassed attention to detail and a thorough commitment to make the 2007 Euros an event to go down in the history books.

The XRAY support team will be available at the event with its mobile service center fully loaded with all spare parts and option parts to provide first class service and support. Set-up sheets and technical support will be available throughout the whole event for all XRAY drivers and plenty of gifts and surprises are prepared for all XRAY owners... nothing short of the luxurious treatment expected from the leading brand in the RC world - XRAY.

Stay tuned to the XRAY site for more information on developments of this coveted event.