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Race report by Terry Lee
Michael, Luke and I would like to thank all Team XRAY for all their help at the BRCA Juniors event. Their advice and tips were very helpful in securing the U12 A-final 1st place for Luke and U14 A-final 2nd place for Michael.

All the qualifying sessions were wet and Luke took FTD in the 1st round and only missed out on FTD in the 3rd because of an incident with a back marker; this left him in the 3rd qualifying position.

After unknown technical problems in the 1st round, Michael took 2nd in the second round and was dropped to 3rd in the final stages of the 3rd round of qualifying.

Both first finals were still on a wet track and Luke took early advantage of a mistake by the 1st place car and went comfortably into 2nd. Within the first 2min he had managed to squeeze his way past the leader and then gave himself a cushion. He held his lead in the greasy conditions and secured the win in the 1st final.

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Michael took an early lead in the U14 A-final, but he was being pressured all the time by the 2nd place car. He eventually was overtaken when the 2nd place driver out-braked him into the chicane and tapped the back of Michael’s car… causing him to spin around. By the time he was facing the right way the new leader had a large lead. Michael kept up the pressure but was unable to make up the gap.

In the second U12 A-final it was almost dry enough for slicks but Luke opted to stay with the wets that he was familiar with. He lead from the start and looked untouchable as he pulled ahead by over half a lap by the 2min signal. He kept this gap and as much as the others tried to match his pace, there was no way they could.

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In the second U14 A-final Michael chose to race on slick tyres because of the rapidly drying track. He made a good start off the line but was caught in a first corner incident and was left in last place as he recovered from the side. He then set about working his way up the field and with some very consistent driving and some brave overtaking made his way up to 4th place and was only half a cars length behind 3rd across the line.

Michael and Luke would like to thank Mirage and Tony at Custom Built Racing for their continued support.

Terry Lee

Final results:

Under 12 27t Class
1. Luke Lee - XRAY
2. Ben Mannell
3. Zak Finlay

Under 14 27t Class
1. Robert Smith
2. Michael Lee - XRAY
3. Charlie Ware - XRAY

Under 14 19t Class
1. Jamie Beasley
2. Luke Thompson - XRAY
3. Gareth Hunt

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