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The second Indonesian National EP 1/10 touring car took place at the Jakarta International Twin Circuit 1/8 scale track on July 8, 2007. The race was co-sponsored by Yamaha, and all participants had a chance to win a Yamaha 2-stroke Mio motorbike at the end of the season.

The weather was rather friendly this time, and as always there were two different classes of races. One was using rubber tires, while the second class was using foam tires. The “best of 3” IFMAR qualification style was used, with no motor limit and type, but no LiPo batteries were allowed.

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JITC large track
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It was interesting to see that 75% of the racers chose a brushless motor over a normal brushed motor. Since 2004, the average per lap on this track has gotten faster by 2 seconds due to battery and motor technology.

There were many XRAY drivers, and we shared knowledge and information to find the best settings. After three heats of qualification, Yung Yung with this XRAY T2’007 took TQ in rubber class, while Didi Kartanegara with his XRAY T2’007 took TQ in foam class.

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Didi's XRAY T2'007
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Most racers had a great time during the finals because there were less crashes on the wide open track. However, power contributed to a larger chance of winning a race as we saw some top drivers with extreme speed run out of battery juice on their last laps.

Since the track was sugar-watered, many XRAY drivers used the front 1-way with stiff top deck. I saw many out-of-the-box settings with gold and silver springs… they were good enough to compete in the race.

After three finals Team XRAY Indonesia took a clean sweep podium finish in both classes.

1 Didi Kartanegara - XRAY T2'007 - TQ
2. Bowie - XRAY T1FK'05
3. Freddy - XRAY T2'007

4. Hanry
5. Chester - XRAY T2’007
6. Robert
7. Ronald
8. Chandra - XRAY T2'007
9. Tommy Purnomo - XRAY T2


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Mod foam winner L-R Toto, Bowie, Didi, Freddy
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1. Yung-Yung - XRAY T2'007-TQ
2. Sadikin Sutrisno
3. Didi Kartanegara - XRAY T2'007

I gave two thumbs up for Bowie, a 14yo boy who tried hard to follow me in the first two finals with his older XRAY T1FK’05. Hands down to my fellow teammates Yung-Yung who has the fastest motor and power, and to Sadikin Sutrisno as the XRAY NT1 team driver for showing great racing skill. And of course to all XRAY drivers who make a one big happy family. Expect more good news in the next Indonesian Nationals as XRAY is leading in both championship points.

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Didi's XRAY T2'007 cars
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