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Team XRAY - the strongest team at Euros 2007

The Friday has two timed practices and two qualification heats on schedule. The weather is super nice and the traction is improving and we saw new improved lap times in the first timed practice. The Team XRAY is doing at this moment very well, with 5 cars in the temporary top 10.

After the first round of timed practice the results are:
1. Steven Weiss - XRAY T2'007
2. Marc Rheinard
3. Ronald Volker
4. Andy Moore
5. Thomas Pumpler
6. Cyril N'Diaye - XRAY T2'007
7. Hubert Honigl
8. Dirk Wischnewski - XRAY T2'007
9. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY T2'007
10. Teemu Leino - XRAY T2'007

11. Jeremy Limoges - XRAY T2'007
12. Aurelien Threhout - XRAY T2'007
17. Hugo Ragaut - XRAY T2'007

22. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T2'007
23. Bart Wuben - XRAY T2'007
24. Philippe Vialla - XRAY T2'007
25. Bellity Stephan - XRAY T2'007

31. Juraj Hudy - XRAY T2'007
32. Jonas Andersson - XRAY T2'007
33. Mathias Rascol - XRAY T2'007
38. Ben Cosgrove - XRAY T2'007

As there will be only three sets of tires allowed in the 5 qualifiers the drivers have to test also second time used tires with which the lap times are much slower. As the qualification will count with the sum of two best rounds, there are actually only three possible runs for every driver to try to make the best result. We will see in the afternoon how the team will be doing.

Second timed practice results
The second round of the timed practice is over. There were not many changes in the top. Martin Hudy had a clean run and and got into top 10 as well. Steven Weiss kept his good form and won the second timed practice round too. Now we will wait for the two qualifiers in the afternoon.

Combined results after both timed practices:
1. Steven Weiss - XRAY T2'007
2. Marc Rheinard
3. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY T2'007
4. Andy Moore
5. Ronald Volker
6. Thomas Pumpler
7. Cyril N'Diaye - XRAY T2'007
8. Viktor Wilck
9. Hubert Honigl
10. Teemu Leino - XRAY T2'007

11. Dirk Wischnewski- XRAY T2'007
12. Martin Hudy- XRAY T2'007
13. Jeremy Limoges - XRAY T2'007
14. Aurelien Threhout - XRAY T2'007
19. Hugo Ragaut - XRAY T2'007

22. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T2'007
26. Ben Cosgrove - XRAY T2'007
30. Bart Wubben - XRAY T2'007

31. Stephan Bellity - XRAY T2'007
33. Mathias Rascol - XRAY T2'007
38. Juraj Hudy - XRAY T2'007
39. Jonas Andersson - XRAY T2'007

European Championship statistics
XRAY - 42 cars
Corally - 24 cars
Schumacher - 22 cars
Hot Bodies - 22 cars
Tamiya - 14 cars
Associated - 8 cars
Yokomo - 7 cars
Serpent - 1 car
Losi - O cars

Friday qualifiers results
We have the two qualifiers over and as expected most of the drivers just skipped the first round as the track was not only hot but mainly it was really dusty after the official opening ceremony. The game to play is to save the two sets of tires for the best conditions as only two best results will sum and will count so there are actually only two chances for everybody to try their best result.

The second round of qualifiers brought all the adrenaline and action as it would be expected at a race like the Euros. The most thrilling heats are the last heats 14 and 15 where the speed and driving performancer is just oustanding. In the last heat 15 it was Teemu who was super fast after the start and catched on quickly on Andy but after small mistake lost his pace. Jilles was on the rail and with no mistake cruised and finished just half a second behind winning Ronald Volker. Steven Weiss who was the fastest in practice did also excellent showcase working his way from the 8th starting position through a heavy traffic into the final 4th position. Martin Hudy had finally a clean run and did nicely too but after changing his set-up he was missing a bit of steering and finished just behind the top 10.

The Team XRAY is still doing very well and after the nervosity felt down a bity we can already now look for the tomorrows action.

Results of the 2nd qualifiers:
1. Ronald Volker
2. Viktor Wilck
3. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY T2'007
4. Marc Rheinard
5. Steven Weiss - XRAY T2'007
6. Andy Moore
7. Teemu Leino - XRAY T2'007
8. Hupo Honigl
9. Jasmin Loic
10. Aurelien Threhout - XRAY T2'007

12. Martin Hudy - XRAY T2'007

At this moment there are 4 XRAY cars in the top 10 which is a very good solid base. We have plenty of action photos which will be posted tomorrow and we will keep you updated again about the progress.