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A main finalists

Steven ready to rock

We have the first final over. Steven had a clear start and as such pulled away from the heavy traffic behind him. Few laps after the start it was Ronald who was trying to catch on Steven but he mad a mistake a lost the place. Jilles was unlucky as he was crashed in second heat by Viktor and lost 4 seconds and few places. Teemu Leino had an excellent start and jumped from 7th starting position into 4th but he was crashed also from rear by Viktor. Fortunately Steven had a clear run and never looked back and despite Marc Rheinard pulled close to him few laps to go Steven calmed down and with the relaxed drive style took it easily to the win of the first final.

As there are still two finals to go there is still everything open and positions may still mix up. We wish the Team XRAY a good luck for the next finals.

Start of the first A main final

1st Final Results:

1. Steven Weiss - XRAY
2. Marc Rheinard
3. Ronald Volker
4. Hubert Honigl
5. Teemu Leino - XRAY
6. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY

7. Viktor Wilck
8. Loic Jasmin
9. Aurelien Threhout - XRAY
10. Andy Moore

Steven's XRAY

Jilles' XRAY

Teemu's XRAY

Aurelien's XRAY

The second final was really thrilling and exciting to watch. After the start there were again few crashes which mixed up the rear positions and Steven made a small mistake in the first round when he left a space in a corner to Ronald who passed him and got into the lead. Steven was cruising just behind the remaining 5 minutes but since Ronald did not make any mistake Steven had no chance to pass him but finished rather with a secured 2nd position. Both Jilles and Teemu were again involved in a crash and ended at 7th and 9th position respectively.

So at this moment everything is still open and the third final will decide the winner.
As the track is super narrow it is very difficult and almost impossible to pass a driver in front unless he makes a mistake, so if Steven will keep a clear run without any mistake he has the best chances. But as this is racing there are many things that can happen but obviously we wish the best luck to Steven for the last run.

2nd Final Results:
1. Ronald Volker
2. Steven Weiss - XRAY
3. Marc Rheinard
4. Viktor Wilck
5. Hubert Honigl
6. Andy Moore
7. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY
8. Aurelien Threhout - XRAY
9. Teemu Leino - XRAY
10. Loic Jasmin

Final results
The third final is over and the results are already known - XRAY & Steven Weiss took the TQ and gained the title of European Vice-Champion. An excellent and fabulous result for the very young driver from the Team XRAY Germany who surprised the whole crowd by taking the TQ and doing excellently in the finals.

Steven took a very clean start in the third final and started to take away from the crowd and to build up a leading distance. However it was Ronald Volker who soon catched on Steven and put a lot of pressure on the leading car. At that time both drivers showed astonishing racing show cruising several laps body on body and Steven was driving very carfully not to make any mistake. At some point Steven took some corners too much carefully which gave a bit of space for Ronald to pass which he also used to take away the leading position from Steven. Steven then tried very hard to catch on Ronald and put a pressure on him for few laps following his car just in a very short distance however Ronald did not make any mistake and pulled away a bit.

Just behind Marc Rheinard moved from 5th position to the third and when Steven got out of the line he passed him and a few corners later it was also Jilles who moved into third position. Few laps to go the positions were Ronald, Marc, Jilles and Steven and despite Marc tried very hard to catch on the leader but this order remained until the time was over unchanged. Ronald taking two wins gained the overal victory and Steven with one win and one second position gained the title of European Vice-Champion 2007.

3rd Final Results:
1. Ronald Volker
2. Marc Rheinard
3. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY
4. Steven Weiss - XRAY
5. Teemu Leino - XRAY
6. Aurelien Threhout - XRAY

7. Andy Moore
8. Jasmin Loic
9. Hubert Honigl
10. Viktor Wilck

XRAY A main finalits with Juraj Hudy

Overal European Championship 2007 results
1. Ronald Volker
2. Steven Weiss + TQ - XRAY
3. Marc Rheinard
4. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY
5. Hubert Honigl
6. Teemu Leino - XRAY
7. Viktor Wilck
8. Andy Moore
9. Aurelien Threhout - XRAY
10. Jasmin Loic

XRAY & Jeremy Limoges - European Junior Champion 2007
XRAY missed the overal win and title in the modified class but at the end left the European Championship with a title of European Junior Champion 2007 which was achieved by the young XRAY local driver Jeremy Limoges. Congratulation to Jeremy for such an excellent result and achievement.

Jeremy Limoges & XRAY - European Junior Champion 2007