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This past weekend Team Xray consisting of Jason Branham, Rocco Margiotta and Tommy Tang headed to Houston, TX for the ROAR Region 9 Off Road Championships hosted by Mike’s Hobbies and Gulf Coast Raceway. The facilities at Gulf Coast Raceway are first class with a huge on-road track that will be hosting the 2007 1/10 sedan ROAR Nationals and a covered off-road that made for some awesome racing.


Ex. Arena Truck.
1. Dave Mangelsdorf
2. Jason Branham XRAY XT8
3. Jimmy Matsler
4. Tommy Tang XRAY XT8
5. Tol Thomas
6. Brian Rickard
7. Tanner Hagler
8. Chris Allison
9. Will Schlentz
10. Joshua Kurth

1/8 Expert Buggy
1. Dave Mangelsdorf
2. Jason Branham XRAY XB8EC
3. David Joor
4. Jim Sheffield
5. Kevin Lewis
6. Roger Ayres
7. Chris Allison
8. Smiley Henn
9. Tommy Tang XRAY XB8EC
10. Jake Dillinger

Expert Arena Truck A-Main:
The Expert Arena A-Main became an early 1st and 2nd show with Jason Branham taking the early lead from Dave Mangelsdorf. For the first ten minutes of the 45 minute main Branham and Mangelsdorf stayed close together waiting for one or the other to make a mistake and Mangelsdorf did. Branham eventually ran away with the lead to win by a lap with Mangelsdorf finishing 2nd and Jimmy Matsler in 3rd.

1. Jason Branham – XRAY XT8
2. Dave Mangeldorf
3. Jimmy Matsler
4. Tommy Tang – XRAY XT8
5. Tol Thomas
6. Will Schlentz
7. Tanner Hagler
8. Joshua Kurth
9. Chris Allison
10. Brian Rickard

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Expert 1/8 Buggy A-Main
The Expert buggy a-main had to be the most exciting main of the day. Jason Branham crashed early in the main and fell back to the back of the pack letting Dave Mangelsdorf and David Joor to run away with the lead. After the 9 min. mark Mangelsdorf and Joor were lapping Branham as he was struggling to get back on pace. Once Branham broke away from the back of the pack and moved up through the field he got his lap back and was once again on pace and was catching the leaders in a hurry. With 5 mins to go Branham caught Mangelsdorf and passed him to take the win.

1. Jason Branham – XRAY XB8EC
2. Dave Mangelsdorf
3. Jim Sheffield
4. Jake Dillinger
5. David Joor
6. Roger Ayers
7. Smiliey Henn
8. Tommy Tang – XRAY XB8EC
9. Chris Allison
10. Kevin Lewis

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Jason Branham winning XB8EC Set-up sheet.

Jason Branham winning XT8 Set-up sheet.