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After a dominant season Wayne Mah backs up his CORCS Series championship with winning the 2007 CORCS National finals in British Columbia Canada.

VMAR was the host track for this years CORCS final. VMAR created a awesome track for this event. The dirt was great and tire wear was surprising low.

The team arrived Thursday to prepare for the Friday practice, which went well, both the XB8EC and the XT8 handled great from the get go. The only changes that were made was to test different damping as it was rumored the track would rut up as the days went on.

Qualifying was set with rocket rounds and that turned out to be bad for me as I had a bit of a rough run in the 1st. As the weekend went on, the track became rougher and rougher and the times from the 1st round were impossible to touch. The best I could do was place my buggy 3rd on the grid for the start of the race. My game plan changed in the later rounds to work out a good setup that would get through the rough stuff in the main. My hunch paid off and the set up changes I made to my car worked great in the main. As the track got rougher and rougher my car worked better allowing me to make a challenge and lead the last 1/2 of the 45 minutes main.

My truggy was good from the get go and really did not have to touch it all weekend, I was able to post the only 9 lap run of the weekend to take TQ. Unfortunately in the main I was leading when I had a failure and had to retire.

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This has been a great season for me, the XB8EC has proven to be a car that can work in any condition thanks to the adjustments potential the chassis has. I want to give great thanks to my loyal sponsors, XRAY, Werks, Hudy, SMC and Canwest R/C. I also want to give a special thanks to my Father Way Mah for his dedication and awesome pit work throughout the year(s).

Wayne Mah.

1/8 Main.

1) Wayne Mah XRAY XB8EC
2) Mike Crazy
3) Tom Waggoner
4) Steven Daniluk
5) Mike Mittlestead XRAY XB8EC
6) Brad Comis XRAY XB8EC

7) Sed Pop
8) Navaz Waliji
9) Coray Thomas
10)Richard Infanti

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Wayne Mah XB8EC Set-up sheet.

Wayne Mah XT8 Set-up sheet.