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The Broendby Racing Club hosted the first round of the regional championship series – the Pilegaards Cup – on Sunday, October 21.

The tyre rules in Denmark have changed for this winter season, to LRP tyres, so everyone had to change their set-ups to adjust to these new tyres. I spent most of my Saturday at the track, testing a lot of set-up changes, and my car felt pretty good when I left the track.

Sunday was race day, and my only change was a set of new tyres as I tried on Saturday, but the car was difficult to drive, losing grip after only 4 laps. I had to be very careful all around the track, but still managed to make the best time, due to the other guys’ problems. I made some changes for the next round of qualifying, but it only helped a little bit. I was able to control the car better, so I made a good qualifying time, still number 1. I didn’t improve in the third and last rounds, but my time was still the best of them all.

Modified top 3: From left; Emil Rath – Soeren Boy Holst – Troels Troelsen

I tried to make more changes for the finals, but only small things; I was afraid to make drastic changes to the car and risk losing the finals. I had a good start and pulled away from the pack immediately. After 5-6 laps the rear end started to become loose again, but I had a good gap already, so I could drive safely, cruising the car home to victory.

In the second final I had another good start, but the other guys came closer to me. I had to be very focused and precise and avoid all mistakes, even though the car was very difficult to drive. The battle was on for second and third place, so they lost time to me in their battle. I took the win and the overall victory.

The last final would be a fight for second and third place, and since I won the race I could relax completely. I changed the front and rear tyres for this last final, since I was sure my problem was there, and I was right. Now the car was understeering all the way through the final! The battle was on for second and third place between Emil Rath, Troels Troelsen, and Pelle Martin. Emil made the best performance and took the second place overall.

Stock top 3: From left; Klaus Jespersen – Lauge Mortensen – Peter Knudsen

In the 19T Superstock class, it was also a good day for XRAY. Martin “The Swede” Soerensen made a super qualifying with the oldest car in the field (a 5 year old T1 Raycer) and absolutely no practice at all this season, not even at the race day. The set-up was of course the usual all year – all track set-up, but the car looked pretty fine, and Martin made the third spot in the A main in a very competitive 19T field. In the first final he was without transponder, so he had to retire even though he was driving just behind the 2nd place car. The second final was also good for the old car and so he took the third place. The fhird final was a mess in the start, and the poor T1R got hit by another car, forcing it down to last place… however he struggled back to 6th place, and unfortunately also 6th overall.

Nils Jensen, who was qualified 7th, made a strong performance and took the 3rd place overall with his XRAY T2. The best junior driver was Danni Eyde Nielsen, also with an XRAY T2.

In the 27t beginner class there were also a X-Ray car on the podium. Peter Knudsen took the 2nd place overall, with his X-Ray T2 car. All in all a very good day, and a super good race.
Thanks to all the drivers, and all the helpers who makes it possible.

Final results:

1. Soeren Boy Holst XRAY T2’007

2. Emil Rath
3. Troels Troelsen
4. Pelle Martin
5. Christian Lehm XRAY T2’007

SuperStock 19T

1. Caspar Morgen
2. Dennis Lou
3. Nils Jensen XRAY T2
4. Torben Praest XRAY T2’007

5. Lauge Mortensen

Stock 27T

1. Lauge Mortensen
2. Klaus Jespersen
3. Peter Knudsen XRAY T2
4. Michael Strandholt
5. Simon Helledie

top 3 + B1+C1: Dennis Lou – Caspar Morgen – Nils Jensen – S. Larsen – D Larsen