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The 2007 Hungarian National Series finished in October, with László Kiss-Orbán and his XRAY T2 winning the “Tuning” class (EFRA, 5-cell) and also the “Stock” class (EFRA, 6-cell, 17T).

“I choose the XRAY T2 platform because I had to use one car for both classes. The T2 has a strong drivetrain for 3.5-4.5T brushless motors, while at the same time it has a very smooth drivetrain which is necessary for the 17T brushed stock motors. The car was very competitive the whole season, and I could find the perfect setup for the different tracks and surfaces.”

The championship season had 6 rounds in 2007. Laszlo collected 2 wins, and he always finished in the top 5… even so the competition was open until the last round. Before the last race there were 3 drivers in the running for the title.

“On the last event I used the front and middle one-ways, because the track in Pécs has some long high-speed curves and has only one turn back with braking. The power of my Nosram 4.0T brushless system was enough to keep my car close to the 3.5T cars, but in the last 30 seconds of the finals – thanks to the one-ways and my driving style also – I usually had some spare capacity to overtake them. So I can say that the championship title was decided in the last 30 seconds of the finals.”

2007 Hungarian National Series results:

Tuning class
1. László Kiss-Orbán, XRAY T2
2. Róbert Barocsai
3. Gábor Forrai
4. Zoltán Bognár, XRAY T2
5. György Jávorkai

Stock 17T class
1. László Kiss-Orbán, XRAY T2
2. Zoltán Tohai, XRAY T2’007

3. György Koncz
4. Zsolt Bajusz, XRAY T2’007
5. Péter Taál, XRAY T2’007