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The 2nd round of the Norwegian National Cup was held in Spydeberg on November 3-4. The track was 600m2, with sharp turns and high grip. Classes included 1:10 Touring Modified and 1:10 Touring 19T Spec.

19T Spec

In the 19T Spec class, the battle was between Markus Alvestad and Truls Solberg. Neither had entered the 1st round at Beitostolen, so no one knew exactly what kind of pace they would set. After qualifying, Truls Solberg was TQ, with Markus Alvestad in 2nd and 13yo Petter Berntsen in 3rd.

In the first final, Truls and Markus had a big battle for the win, but after 4 minutes Truls took the lead and kept it until the finish line. Markus got 2nd and XRAY driver Lars A. Andersen got 3rd.

In the second final, Markus rolled and lost his battery, so Truls took an easy win. But unfortunately, he forgot to marshal and lost his time. This meant that Knut “Old Man” Enger won and 13yo Petter Berntsen got 2nd. Lars A. Andersen took 3rd in this one.

In the last final, Truls unfortunately made a lot of mistakes, and Markus cruised to his first victory. Congratulations!

19T Spec Results:

1. Markus Alvestad
2. Knut E Enger XRAY T2
3. Petter Berntsen
4. Lars A. Andersen XRAY T2'007
5. Truls Solberg
6. Leif Tore Stensrod
7. Espen Sandlie XRAY T2'007
8. Andreas Bull Freng XRAY T2'007
9. Robert Kay XRAY T2'007
10. Erik Ottvik XRAY T2'007

In the Modified class, I tried using the same setup that I had used at the last race, and it worked well. But when qualifying started, my car was terrible. I used all three qualifying sessions to try to get my car working again, but without luck. My car was very slippery to the left.

Adrian Berntsen showed great driving skill once again, and took TQ ahead me (in 2nd) and Georg Ellingsen in 3rd.

Before the finals, I put on new tires, and it seemed that this was the problem with my car.

The car worked great, with easy handling and fast cornering speed.

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In the first final, I got hit in the first turn, and my body broke completely in the front, so I got a DNF. Adrian won this one in style, cruising from start to finish.

In the second final, we all got a clean start, and Adrian and I had a great battle, with me as the winner of this one.

In the last final, once again Adrian would be a hard man to get by, but he did make a small mistake and I went by him. Shortly thereafter, he repeated his mistake, and I could relax and win this one, too.

So after a great race weekend, there was also bad news.

Two batteries exploded in the pit, so the Norwegian federation has cancelled all racing until January 1st, 2008. It’s an extreme decision, which most drivers are against. The Swedish federation made a much better decision, and banned IB batteries from batch marked AZCWT. What this means is that we will go racing in Sweden and Denmark instead.

Modified results :

1. Helge Johannessen XRAY T2'007
2. Adrian Berntsen
3. Petter Solvberg
4. Georg Ellingsen XRAY T2'007
5. Goran Langsholt
6. Truls Solberg
7. Morten Bremsrud
8. Rune Karlsen
9. Kjell Gunnar Guttormsen
10. Roger Berntsen

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Helge Johannessen Winning Set-up sheet.

Knut E Enger Set-up sheet.