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The first of six races of the LRP Islion Masters 2007/08 series was held on November 28th in the hall of the Modellautoclub HVBRS in Islikon. This race was attended by 92 drivers, indicating that it will be a very interesting Championship.

Since I was still waiting for the new T2'008 to arrive, I raced my old T2'007. It was the first time that I raced at this indoor track and I was very confindent from the get-go. On Saturday, eight practice runs were held and I was looking forward to Sunday. The qualification runs were perfect; I was TQ because I won all rounds. In 2nd place was 1/8 on-road Swiss Champion Markus Geisendorf ahead of Sven Zünd.

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The first final run was not good because I made a small error in one of the chicanes. Markus Geisendorf was the leader and I could catch him soon enough but he left no space to overtake. The second run also started badly. One unexpected error cost me a few seconds. So after two final runs I was in 3rd place behind leader Sven Zünd and 2nd place driver Markus Geisendorf. The third and last final run was perfect... I made no errors and I was the only one who managed to make 24 laps. In the end, I won the first LRP Islikon Masters race.

Final Expert results:
1. Mario Rigert (XRAY T2'007)
2. Markus Geisendorf
3. Sven Zünd
4. Shasa Lackner
5. Fabian Widmer
6. Patrick Vogt
7. Khounmy Bui
8. Jerome Meile (XRAY T2'007)
9. Pascal Gubler
10. Frank Saupe

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In Stock category, Fluck Stefan dominated with his XRAY T2'007. He was fastest and it was really nice to watch him run. Stefan took the TQ spot and in each of the final runs he finished 1 lap up on the rest, winning ahead of Widmer Fabian and Brüllisauer Remo in 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

Final Stock results:
1. Fluck Stefan (XRAY T2'007)
2. Widmer Fabian (XRAY T2)
3. Brüllisauer Remo (XRAY T2)
4. Fluck Markus (XRAY T2)
5. Priebe Joachim (XRAY T1FK'04)
6. Fluck Michael (XRAY T2)

7. Noel Eric
8. Wagner-Küenzi Reto
9. Brunner Jonas
10. Mayerhofer Roland

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I want to thank HVBRS and specially the Holland family for the great support. We look forward to the second race of the LRP Islikon Masters which will be held on December 9th.

Mario Rigert