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The first round of the BaWue-Cup 2008 was held last weekend in Konstanz (D). This race was attended by a lot of good drivers from Germany, some from Switzerland, and also top drivers Ronald Völker and Andreas Myrberg.

In free practice, Ronny Lnenicka showed good performance with his XRAY T2’007. After two qualification rounds on Saturday and two qualification rounds on Sunday, Ronald Völker claimed the TQ position.

The final runs made for a very exciting race, with the top 3 drivers battling for the win in the last final run. The eventual winner was Ronald Völker, ahead of Andreas Myrberg and Ronny Lnenicka.

Final results:

1. Ronald Völker
2. Andreas Myrberg
3. Ronny Lnenicka (XRAY T2’007)
4. Stefan Brück
5. Daniel Wohlgemuth
6. Daniel Sartorius (XRAY T2’007)
7. Hanjo Dimler
8. Marcel Geiger
9. Michael Frey
10. Fabian Bucher

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