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In his first season with the XRAY XB8R 1/8th nitro buggy, young 14yo Matheus Tavares has won 2nd place in the final standings and regional 2007 Championship of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

The Championship in Rio de Janeiro was held over 8 races throughout the year. In this last race on November 25, Matheus and Ricardo were both in the running for the title of Champion. Ricardo came in 2nd place in this race, and Matheus came in 4th place.

Results of the last race:

1/8 Buggy:
1. Nando Lima
2. Ricardo Queroiz
3. Gilson Beckman
4. Matheus Tavares (XRAY XB8R)
5. Marcelo Ribeiro
6. Vinicius Augusto
7. Alexandre Cunha
8. Alfredo Masuda (XRAY XB8R)
9. Leonardo Castro
10. Belmiro Paiva

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Matheus Tavares
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1/8 Truggy:
1. Raniero Bassi (XRAY XT8)
2. Marcelo Riebeiro
3. Alexandre Cunha
4. Eduardo Camara
5. Wagner Seixas

So for the overall standings for 1/8 Buggy, Matheus Tavares is the 2007 Rio de Janeiro Vice-Champion!

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