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Race report by Soeren Boy Holst
The second round of the Danish Touring Car Championships was held on Sunday, December 9th at the Broendby Racing Club on their super-nice facilities close to the capital Copenhagen. Fifty-nine drivers attended and had a great raceday. As always in BRC, the race followed the schedule well, the prizes and food were great, and everyone was in a good mood. For this season the club has a lottery at each race, where all drivers can win very good prizes, for example a travel gift certificate and other exciting prizes.

This was only my second race with the brand new T2’008. The first race was a regional championship round (which I won) so I was really looking forward to this race. I had a really good feeling when I left the track after Saturday’s practice, making the best lap times ever… my car was working really well. I had to go to a Christmas party though, so practice and sleep were limited, but I was still confident.

Modified - Qualifying
In the first qualifying round the car still felt good, and the race was a battle between me and Jonas Kaerup. I made one stupid mistake, costing me 2sec and the lead, but I came back on pace and won the first round by 1sec ahead of Jonas. Third place driver was Martin Lissau, also with a T2’008.

The second qualifier was a little bit better, I made better lap times (track record) and only had ? sec of mistake, so my overall time improved by 2 seconds, and thereby improved the TQ time and made a new track record. The other drivers didn’t improve their times.

In the third and last round, the car was even BETTER! Once again I made better lap times and improved the overall time by 1 whole second. The car was really stable and so nice to drive.

Modified top 5 after qualifying:
1. Soeren Boy Holst XRAY T2’008
2. Jonas Kaerup
3. Martin Lissau XRAY T2’008
4. Emil Rath
5. Troels Troelsen

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Modified L-R: Jonas Kaerup – Soeren Boy Holst – Emil Rath
(click to enlarge)

Modified - Finals
In the first final I made a super-good start. No mistakes at all, so no-one could get near me, and the top 3 drivers finished as they started. Martin and Jonas had some battles during the final, but Jonas had the best outcome.

The second final was a bit harder. I made an OK start, but on the 3rd lap I had made some small mistakes, and Jonas was very close to me. He hit my rear end going into a chicane, so my car ended up in a curb, but half a lap later he was fair enough to let me pass again. I made a small gap, but some of the other drivers made a lot of mistakes, and it was really hard to pass, making it quite exciting at some times, but I took the win and thereby secured the overall win and maximum points of this championship round. Jonas finished 2nd, and this time Emil Rath taking 3rd place.

The third and last final was quite relaxing for me, since I had already won the event. It was close in the beginning, but I didn’t make any mistakes, so I put the car on the famous ‶XRAY cruise control※ and cruised home to victory ;0)

Total A-main result of the race:

1. Soeren Boy Holst XRAY T2’008
2. Jonas Kaerup
3. Emil Rath
4. Martin Lissau XRAY T2’008
5. Christian Lehm XRAY T2’007

6. Troels Troelsen
7. Kim Lindegaard XRAY T2’007
8. Nicolai Lindegaard XRAY T2’007

19T SuperStock
In the 19T SuperStock class there was a close battle between the top 3 guys and we saw a lot of close racing, with only hundreds of a second between the drivers. It was really cool for the audience to see so close racing.

Top 5 after qualifying:

1. Caspar Morgen
2. Michael Johnsen
3. Danni Eyde-Nielsen XRAY T2’008
4. Carsten Madsen XRAY T2

5. Nicolai Nielsen

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19T SuperStock L-R: Caspar Morgen – Michael Johnsen – Danni Eyde-Nielsen
(click to enlarge)

The finals became a very close battle as well, and sometimes it really wasn’t pretty. Some mistakes were made and some paint changed bodies, but it was very exciting for the audience though. It was still top 3 who were in front, while the rest tried their best to keep up the pace.

Total A-main result of the race:

1. Michael Johnsen
2. Caspar Morgen
3. Danni Eyde-Nielsen XRAY T2’008
4. Nicolai Nielsen
5. Soeren Mark Larsen XRAY T2’007
6. Carsten Madsen XRAY T2
7. Torben Priest XRAY T2’007

8. Bjarke Nyskov

27T Stock
The 27t Stock class was full of beginners this time. The ‶big※ guys who were too good to be in this class had moved to 19T, so it was really nice to see some close racing in this class again. The battle was between local driver Dennis Tollund and guest driver Mads Madsen. The battle was on until the end of third final, were we got the final decision.

Total A-main result of the race:

1. Mads Madsen
2. Dennis Tollund XRAY T1R
3. Nicklas Noedvig XRAY T1FK’05

4. Simon Helledie
5. Christian Stockholm XRAY T2
6. William Lomholdt
7. Peter Povlsen

click to enlarge
Stock L-R: Dennis Tollund – Mads Madsen – Nicklas Noedvig
(click to enlarge)

All-in-all it was a great day and a great race weekend. Thanks to XRAY for making a super good car! And thanks to GM-Racing for motor and batteries. Next race will be DHI-Cup.

Merry Christmas to all!