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Al racers of the 2007 XRAY Nitromasters met in Sand am Main/Germany on December 1, 2007 for the final ceremony. This year over 80 drivers attended in five races in the series, for the first time using the Panther Komoto Dragon 2 as control tire in the Buggy class. The result was lower costs and more fun for the drivers.

The afternoon began with a new engine workshop from SMI CEO Bertram Kessler, about nitro engine tuning and maintaining. With over 30 years experience in racing and multiple titles in RC, Bertram now shares his knowledge and secrets with the common racer.

At 6:00PM the prize ceremony started off with trophies for the best Buggy and Truggy drivers as well as for the best Youngsters. The highlight of the evening was the big Tombola with prizes worth over €2000, mainly sponsored by SMI, the German XRAY distributor. The main prize was an XB8EC followed by a REX 115 engine.

Winners – Buggy:
1. Tobias Kettemer XB8EC / REX 215
2. Phillip MĂĽller XB8EC / REX 215
3. Vierheilig Andreas XB8EC / REX 215

Winners – Truggy:
1. Herbert Klemm

Best Youngsters:
1. Christian Gahn XB8R / REX 215
2. Wilhelm Christopher XB8 / REX 215
3. Wagner Sven XB8EC / REX 215

XRAY Nitromaster CEO Ralf Bauer did a great job of MC’ing the evening and everybody left with a smile on their face, looking forward to the 2008 XRAY Nitromasters season.