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Race report by Soeren Boy Holst
The 5th round of the Danish Championship was held on Sunday, February 10th just outside Copenhagen. The venue was the Broendby Racing Club’s excellent track and facilities.
Approximately 50 drivers attended this race, and they had a great day with a race that was well organized, just as the book describes, as usual.

In the Modified class I started out by setting a new lap record and new track record. I had more than 7sec over the next closest driver, but unfortunately I was disqualified afterwards because my rear wing had been bent a little bit, and therefore was 1mm to high. I solved this by mounting 2 more screws in the wing, and suddenly the wing was 5mm under the roof. Actually 6 drivers got disqualified because of the same problem. - I was a little bit sad, but in the next round of qualifying, I made an even better time, and this time my car got through the inspection without any remarks. New record!

For the third round I improved the time again and the car was awesome. Very easy to drive and lots of grip. I had expected to see Jonas Kaerup close behind me in 2nd spot but he was struggling with his car, so it was young Emil Rath in 2nd spot followed by the very experienced Troels Troelsen, who had one of his good days.

Top 5 after qualifying:
1 Soeren Boy Holst XRAY T2’008
2 Emil Rath
3 Troels Troelsen
4 Jonas Kaerup
5 Christian Lehm XRAY T2’007

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Soeren’s record-breaking XRAY T2’008
(click to enlarge)

I was actually pretty relaxed for the finals, as I knew that my car was so much better than the rest of the pack. The start signal sounded, and I hit the throttle. Emil had trouble with the transmitter, so I got some space and could easily make a gap. Jonas was fighting with Troels and could take 2nd place, where he stayed until the end of the final, where I was right behind him almost a complete of laps ahead. Troels finished 3rd after Jonas.

The second final was a bit closer in the beginning. Emil was back without problems, and was close to me in the beginning of the final. He battled with Jonas who was in 3rd place, and that battle was very hard. I looked a lot at their close battle (while I was safely out front) and saw that Emil couldn’t take the pressure, so Jonas took 2nd spot again ahead of Emil.

I was the overall winner, so I decided to try another additive for the last final, just to test a little bit.
The start was fine again, but I could feel that my car was a little bit looser then before, so Emil was pretty close after some laps. The car got harder to control, so I made a mistake when the car was sliding too much, and Emil took the opportunity to get by. He stayed there until the end and took the win of the last final, I was 2nd and Michael Priest finished 3rd.

Final result of round 5:

1. Soeren Boy Holst XRAY T2’008
2. Jonas Kaerup
3. Emil Rath
4. Michael Priest
5. Troels Troelsen
6. Christian Lehm XRAY T2’007
7. Michael Ravn XRAY T2’008
8 Kim Lindegaard XRAY T2’008

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Modified top three: 2. Jonas Kaerup – 1. Soeren Boy Holst – 3. Emil Rath
(click to enlarge)

In the SuperStock class it was a battle between young Danni Eyde-Nielsen and experienced Michael Johnsen. Danni was very fast at this race, and took the TQ spot making a new track record, with a good distance to the next drivers. Danni won the first final, but in the 2nd he got hit by nerves and lost the battle to Michael. The third and last final was going to be very important. Michael and Danni had a close fight, but Michael made a mistake, so Danni could cruise home 3 seconds ahead of Carsten Madsen and Michael who were fighting, but again the young guy couldn’t control the nerves and made mistakes, so Carsten took the win of this final. Michael was experienced enough to know that staying behind Carsten was enough to secure the overall win.

Final result of SuperStock:

1. Michael Johnsen
2. Danni Eyde-Nielsen XRAY T2’008
3. Carsten Madsen XRAY T2’008

4. Caspar Morgen
5. Claus Ryeskov XRAY T2´008
6. Dennis Lou
7. Martin K Soerensen XRAY T1 Raycer
8. Torben Priest XRAY T2’007

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SuperStock top three: 2. Danni Eyde-Nielsen – 1. Michael Johnsen – 3. Carsten
(click to enlarge)

Total result Stock 27T:

1. Michael Strandholt XRAY T2
2. Mads Madsen
3. Dennis Tollund XRAY T1 Raycer
4. Nicklas Noedvig XRAY T1FK'05
5. Simon Helledie XRAY T2’008

6. Peter Povlsen
7. Christian Stockholm XRAY T2’007
8. Bo Christiansen

Thanks to the club for a very well organised event, and to the people helping to make it possible.
Thanks a lot to XRAY for making a super car, and to GM-Racing for the power.

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Stock 27T top three: 2. Mads Madsen – 1. Michael Strandholt – 3. Dennis Tollund
(click to enlarge)

Soeren Boy Holst Winning Set-up sheet.