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podium buggy
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Sunday, February 24, 2008 — It was a little bit cloudy and very humid but there were no signs of rain much like the previous day in the Maltese Islands. The race track at Kordin was perfect for another 1-day event that was organized by the MMORRC (Malta Model Off-Road Racing Club). The venue was prepared for 1/8 nitro-powered truggies and buggies.

Racing started at 1300h and continued until dawn. The buggy class was won by Jonathan Tonna, one of Malta’s youngest and most prominent drivers. He ran an XRAY XB8EC powered by a SIIM PGR engine, SIIM servos, Panther tyres and O'Donnell fuel. Jonathan is the only driver who will be bearing the Maltese flag in the next NEO8 in March.

Jonathan was the man to beat, being the fastest and the most consistent driver all day. He won all four rounds that he took part in. He also managed to get the best time in some of these rounds and finally he dominated the final from start-to-finish (and a well-deserved finish at that)! The combination of Jonathan’s great driving skills and the XRAY XB8EC’s flawless performance made Jonathan unbeatable. Noel Barun (XRAY XB8EC) finished in 2nd place, and Omar Xuereb finished in 3rd place.

When it came to the Truggy class, it was won by Clint Galea with Noel Barun (XT8) finishing in 2nd place. Noel was completely new to the Truggy class but the XT8’s excellent performance and handling made him feel like a Pro, building his confidence enough to finish in 2nd place! Braydon Azzopardi finished in 3rd place.

Buggy Class:
1st Jonathan Tonna, XRAY XB8EC
2nd Noel Barun, XRAY XB8EC

3rd Omar Xuereb

Truggy Class:
1st Clint Galea
2nd Noel Barun, XRAY XT8
3rd Braydon Azzopardi

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podium truggy
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