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The inaugural event for 2008 was held at Singapore’s Turf City on February 24th, with the event being organized by iRacingWerkz (who are also the track owners). The track conditions were very dusty, bumpy and loose, however most were able to come to a compromise on tire and set-up combinations. Team XRAY Singapore turned up with 9 drivers and managed to put 5 into the A-main. Early in the day Glenn Phuah suffered engine problems in his buggy and finally settled in 3rd after the qualifiers behind Sam Cheng in an RB-powered XB8EC. TQ was made by Wenyi in his Hong Nor. Chester Chua and Luigi Venturi did some excellent driving to place themselves in the A-main.

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In the Truggy qualifiers, Glenn made TQ with the only 13 lap qualifier for the whole event. The Truggy â€A’ Main was a 35min final and Glenn took a commanding lead followed closely by Ben Seet and Wenyi. At 20 minutes into the race, Glenn was already pulling a comfortable lead. Unfortunately he clipped a metal spike and that tore a front arm, ending the race for him. Ben was the eventual winner in his Sirio-powered Kyosho.

1. Ben Seet
2. Joe Hwee
3. Arthur SL

TQ: Glenn Phuah XRAY XT8

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In the Buggy main event, TQ man Wenyi, Sam and Glenn managed to have a good start and proceeded to slightly pull away from the second pack. Wenyi, Ben and Glenn were fiercely battling it out and the lead exchanged amongst them several times. Glenn’s XB8 suffered a broken wing towards the last few minutes of the race, but he managed to hang on and to eventually win the final.


A Main:
1. Glenn Phuah XRAY XB8EC
2. Ben Seet

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Glenn Phuah Winning XB8EC Set-up sheet.

Glenn Phuah XT8 TQ Set-up sheet.