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Started in 2007, a consortium of Western Australia's major RC racing Clubs have banded together to solidify and promote RC racing in WA. This initiative is aimed at supporting regional clubs, and to promote our sport and hobby of RC, and to re-kindle interest within existing enthusiasts whilst attracting newcomers to the sport.

The event is called the "The West Australian Challenge Cup Series", comprising of several non-sanctioned race meetings. Each meeting will be held over a two day weekend made up of Day 1 Practice & Qualifying and Day 2 Finals. The clubs involved in this initiative so far include Geraldton, Radio Rally Club and Model Off Road Buggy Club. Each club will host at least one of the events in their own right.

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There will be an overall series winner decided after all the events for the year have been run. This winner will be declared based on total Laps for all the events. And of course there will be a Series Winner for each participating class - buggy and truggy. The aim of the Series is to make it an annual WA RC event with Series Champion Cups being perpetual, and we are confident that this type of non sanctioned event will stimulate growth, vibrancy and more challenges to the sport of RC in WA.

MORBC Round 1

30-3-08 Results Truggy

1 Haley Xray XT8
2 Tompsett
3 Cvetanoski
4 Grant
5 Caputi

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Team Xray driver Ian Haley made a good start to the Series Championship leading both Buggy and Truggy in the combined results.

Haleys XT8 had a TQ and win in the 45 minute Truggy main and his XB8 EC started on pole for the A after the semi`s, finally finishing 3rd overall. Round 2 should be held at Geraldton, and Haley will be racing the 808...!!!

Ian Haley Winning XT8 Set-up sheet.