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Race report by Warren Maker
This was to be Ben’s last race with the T2 007 before updating to the T2 008 so we were hoping for a good finish for old times sake. The 007 has been a great race platform for Ben to learn on. Incredibly strong and super reliable as it needed to be while Ben was learning to drive through out his first year.

We had driven at this track a few times and it is notorious for its dusty conditions and low grip so we weren’t surprised to find it damp and a little slippery. So we set the car up very soft all round and even went to the extent of leaving the roll bars off to create a little more roll and hence grip.

This was quite good for the first 2 heats but as the track dried out and the grip came up I knew the car would start to slow down in the corners. We closed the piston holes by one all around and stood the rear shocks up one hole to stiffen the car up through the corners and give Ben a little more steering

This worked a treat with the car holding far better corner speed now and allowing Ben to drive it to its fullest potential. It was so good in fact that he won the third qualifying heat and set TQ by 5 sec for the day.

Into the Finals and Ben was unlucky to be taken out in the hustle at the first corner, relegating him back to fifth.
Daniel Debrincat T2 007 was having a good run and drove well to take the win with Ben putting up a good fight to take out third.

The second final saw Ben shoot off from the siren and clear the first corner. From here he drove a faultless race to take out the win by an easy 7 seconds. Daniel had driven another great race to come in second behind Ben.

The last final saw a great tussle between the two young XRAY drivers, neither wanting to yield or sacrifice the lead. This led to the inevitable crash dropping Ben back to third and giving Daniel his second victory for the day and a much deserved win overall, with Ben placing a brave second.

1st Daniel Debrincat – XRAY T2'007
2nd Ben Maker – XRAY T2'007

3rd Matt Wicks

With Ben at the mere young age of eleven and Daniel fifteen, it seems XRAY will be well presented for stock class in Australia this year.

So considering the Mod class was TQ`d and won by Peter Jovanovic with Ryan Maker taking out second, (both XRAY T2'008) this was a clean sweep for XRAY at this event.

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