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Short report from round 1 of the Danish Championship - open race with Swedish drivers attending.

Race Notes:
. 80 drivers
. 12 degrees and sun/cloudy
. Truggy TQ and win Peter Harder XRAY XT8, GRP engine, GRP tires

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This was the first race of the season in Denmark and Team Xray driver Peter Harder had a busy day driving for the first time both the truggy and buggy class.

Truggy went well With Peter claiming TQ winning 2 of the 3 rounds (with 2 to count) it was a great debut for Peter with his XT8!

In the 30 minute final it was Peter Harder's XT8 truggy that crossed the line first to take the win.

1. Peter Harder XRAY XT8
2. Marcus Sandberg
3. Kim Petersen
4. Henrik Sondergaard
5. Ole Harder, Denmark XRAY XT8
6. Jacob Leicht
7. Frederik Bentler XRAY XT8
8. Jan D. Hansen
9. Henrik Rathje
10. Thomas Falk-Petersen

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In buggy Peter was driving the new 808 and with only a few tanks of testing before the race. Peter unfortunately missed the first round of qualifying, but with strong performances in the second and third rounds, qualified 5th overall.

Rune Gustavsen qualified second driving an XB8EC behind Mikael Palsson.

While Peter was on the stand driving in the Truggy A, his battery charger encountered an unknown issue and stopped charging his receiver pack for the Buggy main. When this was discovered following the main, we crossed our fingers hoping that we could put enough charge into the battery during the 10 minute break to complete his buggy run.

The 45 minute Buggy Final was a long battle in top 5, Mikael Palsson, Jan D. Hansen, Steffen Culmsee, Rune Gustavsen and Peter Harder - with the pit strategy being crucial - Mikael Palsson and Steffen Culmsee each doing 9 minutes between fuel stops. At the 18 minutes mark Peter was called in for fuel, but flamed out half a lap before the pit! 25 minutes later the partially charged battery battery gave up and it was race over for Peter.

Rune Gustavsen continued to battle hard and held on to finish on the podium in 3rd place.

1. Mikael Palsson
2. Steffen Culmsee
3. Rune Gustavsen, XRAY XB8
4. Robert Hansen
5. Jan D. Hansen
6. Marcus Sandberg
7. Tim Culmsee
8. Peter Harder, XRAY XB808
9. Peter Rabbitts
10. Lars Alex
11. Claus Nielsen XRAY XB8
12. Frederik Bentler XRAY XB8

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All in all a good race day for Xray having a lot of cars attending the buggy class, winning and TQ with the Truggy XT8 and Rune Gustavsen 3rd with the XB8 EC.

Peters lap times were the whole day very fast and faster than the competitors. The 808 handled very well at this bumpy, high grip and tight track!

Great race but a long day 06.00 to 20.00. Next up is Nordic Xray Challenge in 2 weeks with drivers like Jon Hazlewood, Robert Gustafsson, Christoffer Svensson.....

Regards Peter Harder

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Peter Harder Winning XT8 Set-up sheet.

Peter Harder XB808 Set-up sheet.