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When we arrived, the track conditions were good and the iRacing team had prepared a new more technical layout. Forty five drivers were present to battle it out in the second round of the national point’s series, and Team XRAY Singapore was well represented by Sam Cheng, Chester Chua, Gerard Gan, Don Foo, Luigi Venturi and Glenn Phuah.

Round 2 of the iRacing Werkz Nitro Challenge kicked off with the Truggy class heats. In the first round of truggy qualifying, it was Kyosho’s Ben Seet and Glenn Phuah leading the pack and setting very quick lap times. However, after three rounds of qualifying Glenn managed to clinch the Truggy class TQ and set the only 10 lap run in 7:44 with his XRAY XT8 powered by an OS engine.

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Team XRAY Singapore
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In the Buggy class, Wenyi Lui quickly set the pace and clocked 9 laps in 7 minutes flat. He would go on to clock 10 laps in the subsequent round to clinch the Buggy class TQ. Trailing close behind was Ah M and Luigi Venturi. Luigi, running XRAY, had problems in his earlier qualifiers. However, he managed to improve his pace in the last qualifier with a run of 9 laps in 7:01 to take the 3rd spot as Glenn finished just behind in 4th.

The Truggy A main started clean and everyone managed to keep up with the leaders pace. Racing was very close during the first few minutes of the 45 minute final. However, after the first pit stop Glenn and Ben managed to put a gap between them and the second pack of drivers. After the halfway mark Ben suffered a flameout, but quickly regained the 2nd position with only an increase in distance between him and 1st place. Glenn led the rest of the race, eventually winning the Truggy finals!

Truggy A Main Top 3 Finishers
1. (TQ) Glenn Phuah XRAY XT8
2. Ben Seet
3. Mohamad

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Glenn Phuah Buggy and Truggy Champion
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The Buggy A main promised to be more exciting as the top drivers from Singapore were present to battle it out during the 60 minute final. Team XRAY Singapore managed to put 4 XB8ECs’ into the top 10. They were Luigi Venturi, who was the highest qualifying XRAY driver, Glenn Phuah, Chester Chua and Sam Cheng, who squeezed into the 10th position.
Wenyi managed to pull away during the start, followed very closely by Ah M and Luigi. It seemed like Wenyi would not have it easy, as the rest of the packed was hot on his heels. At the first pit stop Ah M managed to overtake Wenyi as they were the only two to pull away in the first pack, with Glenn leading the second pack 3 seconds away. However, a tangle within the first pack allowed Glenn to close in and eventually steal the lead. This proved to be a costly mistake for the forerunners as Glenn with the help of his fast pit crew, Don and Ryan, managed to pull a gap and eventually put his XRAY XB8EC on top of the podium in 1st place!

Buggy A Main
1. Glenn Phuah XRAY XB8EC
2. Ben Seet
3. Wenyi Lui

Glenn Phuah Winning XT8 Set-up sheet.

Glenn Phuah Winning XB8EC Set-up sheet.