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Last weekend we had the 3rd National round of the 200mm IC touring championship, held at the fabulous Mendip race track. 52 drivers booked in for the race, fortunately the weather was kind to us, it stayed dry and sunny all weekend.

After 4 hard fought qualifying rounds in strangely low grip conditions we had 4 XRAY NT1's in the main A final.

Mark Gilliland XRAY NT1 5th on 18/ 14.45
Robin Hammett XRAY NT1 6th on 18/ 14.98
Darren Johnson XRAY NT1 7th on 18/ 16.28
Gareth Bell XRAY NT1 9th on 18/ 301.41

With the FTD time set a 18/10.30 the times were incredibly close with one small mistake losing you several positions.

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The 30 minute A final was extremely close with some good clean racing. The winner was Kyle Branson on 102 laps. XRAY Team driver Robin Hammett bringing his NT1 home in second place on 100 laps followed by the NT1 of Gareth Bell in 3rd on 99 laps. Mark Gilliland came in 6th and Darren Johnson 10th after a technical problem.

Final top 3 positions:
1. Kyle Branson
2. Robin Hammett XRAY NT1
3. Gareth Bell XRAY NT1

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After 3 rounds the Championship looks like this:

1. Robin Hammett XRAY NT1 295 points
2. Darren Johnson XRAY NT1 291 points
3. Kyle Branston 288 points
4. Marl Gilland XRAY NT1 285 points
5. Simon Ward 279 points
6. Steven Brown 279 points
7. Gareth Bell XRAY NT1 275 points

The next round is at the Technical Snetterton Raceway on the 8th June. So we will keep our fingers crossed for another dry weekend. Full results can be found at www.brca.org

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XRAY drivers Robin & Gareth
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