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Chester Chua A Main Champ and Top Qualifier Glenn Phuah
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Round 3 of the Singapore Nitro Challenge was held on May 18, 2008 with a combined turnout of 60 drivers present to battle it out for the national points series. . The track conditions were dry and dusty.

In the buggy qualification, XRAY driver Jack Lim and HB Joe Hwee were quick off the mark and clocked 9 laps in the 7-minute heat. After the first round of qualifying, Joe Hwee sat in provisional pole with Jack Lim trailing by mere milliseconds.

In the second round, Glenn Phuah went on to make a very quick 9 lap run and grabbed the TQ position for the day. Luigi Venturi, Joe, Jack and Chester Chua all made good runs to place themselves in the top 5 grid positions for the A final, of which 3 were XB808 buggies racing for the first time.

The 60-minute A final began with a small pile up at the first corner that allowed TQ Glenn to pull a slight lead in the first few minutes. However, Glenn’s XB808 suffered drivetrain problems that forced him out of this race. Chester Chua managed to squeeze his way to the top of the pack for the lead as Ah M, Venturi, Joe and Jack were in close contention for 2nd and 3rd. Jack was driving at a good pace, but a slight mistake let Ah M overtake for 2nd place. It was Kyosho’s Ben Seet that put in very consistent times that saw him finish 2nd, Ah M in 3rd and Team XRAY’s Chester Chua winning the A final.

1. Chester Chua XRAY XB808
2. Ben Seet
3. Ah M
4. Jack Lim XRAY XB808
5. Luigi Venturi XRAY XB8EC

6. Dave Chan
7. Johari
8. Faizal
9. Joe Hwee
10. Glenn Phuah XRAY XB808

It was a great race and all new XB808 owners were pleased with their cars.

Glenn Phuah TQ Set-up sheet.